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Who Board Updates

Been working on several improvements to the Who's This Character Board today.

Added a link to the Search Panel to help inform more people of this useful tool.

Fixed anon delete. It was intended to allow deletes within one hour of posting, and ended up doing the opposite. xD

The menu's were changed, moving some features to Who Stats / Who Extra .

User names now link to a listing of all posts by that user .

And saving the best for last, Members can now directly upload images they want identified.


Jun 30, 2014 Rei

Seasons Update

Added an option to sort by Most Popular

This will show you series most favorited by members for any given season .

Scroll down to Options, and click the link to Order by Most Popular

Members can enjoy several overlays
1) watching list info
2) favorites info

Background colors indicate watching status
And a border around the hearts indicates it appears on your fav list


Sample from Spring 2013 Anime, most popular

Jun 23, 2014 Rei

Violence Ratings

Violence Ratings can now be added to series.

For example, Attack on Titan

Jun 20, 2014 Rei

Studio Updates

Updated our Studio list to support viewing characters by studio in addition to their titles.

For example, Studio e・go! has many long haird characters .

Also updated the Seasons Tool to support viewing characters from particular years.

For Example :


Jun 19, 2014 Rei

Simplified Logged In Box


Some links were moved to User Control Panel

Such as


Clicking your user name will take you to the User CP page.

Jun 15, 2014 Rei

Anime by Year

Made something of a proof of concept search addition :

Characters by Year

All it does is take the year associated with a series, and look up the characters assigned to matching series.
ie) Characters Assigned to 2010 series

Jun 15, 2014 Rei

A-Z Series Updates

Made a few updates to A-Z Series

1) By default, it'll show 30 tiles with a pager
2) Added a media type selector, allowing you to filter the list to and one of the 13 media types

Example: Movies

3) These can also be filtered by letter

Example: Movies starting with B

4) Any tile listing can be converted to a simple text list by clicking the Show as List button

Example: Text list of movies starting with letter B

Jun 13, 2014 Rei

June 10

The side menu will now alternate between promoting

- Latest VS matches
- Latest Forum posts
- Guilds Active Today

The Guild Listing has been changed to display only the guild name, and only guilds you can join. And is sorted by most members. Makes for a simpler layout.

Guild Activity Points no longer count image uploads.

Some cool numbers

2,005 character VS matches created
68,302 characters from 6,690 series indexed
861,723 lounge posts made
13,439 who's this character questions posted
26,369 members

Jun 10, 2014 Rei

June 7th


Hinagiku Katsura is the character in our new Summer themed banner.


The Forums have been greatly simplified. Feel free to start up a new thread or post a reply to a topic of interest. New Members are encouraged to start their own Introduction Thread . ^_^


The Watching List now has limited support for drag n' drop. Drag a series from one day to another, and it'll be automatically moved for you.

Jun 7, 2014 Rei

June 1st

Card Broker listings have been cleared. At the start of each month we'll be clearing the listings so that cards don't end up listed forever.

If you have cards you'd like to sell, put them up for sale here .

ACDB Help Channel

Members can drop by to post questions and share ideas. I'll try to comment on everything posted.

Search Update

Clicking a [Image] next to a tag in the side menu will filter your search to show characters with that tag. Currently only one tag is supported at a time.

Jun 1, 2014 Rei

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look at dem boobs..... those are too big to b boobs!!!! xC

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those aint boobs

Sep 19, 2012


7 7 Star Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun Oct 21, 2014 / Oct 21, 2014 by AmaterasuWings Review length: Long

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