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Updates Sep 27, 2015 | Rei
HTML5 and CSS3 coming to ACDB

Where we once used gradient images, we now use CSS3 rendered gradients. They are so much easier to make and tweak!

Also HTML5 has many form improvements for mobile devices. I'll be replacing input type=text with HTML5 specific types like email,url,number,search,color
Updates Sep 22, 2015 | Rei
I've been working on securing ACDB this week.

We serve about 1,000,000 pages everyday , yet how many of those are being served to people ? Maybe 200,000 or as high as 500,000.

But what about the other 500,000 ?

Various kinds of bots routinely drain our bandwidth and system resources. While most are harmless, some are seriously bad dudes up to no good!

- spammers ( posting advertisements )
- scrappers ( downloading pages and images )
- scripters ( cheating at treasure hutning )
- scanners ( looking for vulnerabilities )

While I have to tolerate much of this, and I do ban anything I notice, I felt it was time to implement a system that can automatically detect some forms of abuse and do something about it while it's happening.

Unsophisticated abuse of ACDB will be detected and stopped automatically.
Updates Sep 17, 2015 | Rei
- Now possible to filter visual search results by series Content Rating

- Also, all content ratings can now be easily explored!

Updates Sep 16, 2015 | Rei
I made a Discover Characters to go with Discover Anime .

Also at Gasm's request added something of multiple tag support. Click the arrow to add/swap a 2nd tag. if you follow the links, you'll always have matches! Might discover some pretty sweet combinations too. Support on both character and anime.

Also changed the default modes to show a tag cloud with 128 of the most commonly used tags!




Updates Sep 14, 2015 | Rei
Discover Anime you might like with this new tool that allows you to easily browse series by tags.


Also rebuilt my dev server. Upgrading from OpenBSD 5.4 to 5.7

It's always a pain getting all the pieces to work together.

- One lighttpd for source code
- Another for Images
- chrooting lighttpd
- Configuring PHP to work in a chroot and have MySQL work
- connecting to the MariaDB database
- building a source code repository
- configuring easy syncs between development branch, changes branch, and testing branch

All that remains is getting my session server compiled, installed and running so I can log in on the dev server! lol
Updates Sep 9, 2015 | Rei

- Added a random mode
- Added images to the listings
- Made some column headers into links ( series, updated )


Updates Sep 8, 2015 | Rei

- Organized Achievements into Categories


- Upgraded our SSL servers. We still have an A rating by SSL Labs .

Hats by Cirno

- Considering offering Guild coins when you buy a hat
Hats by KakoiiKostumes Sep 1, 2015 | Rei
Would you like to own a piece of ACDB History ? Would you like to support Anime Characters Database ? Would you like to keep your head nice and warm this Fall and Winter ?

Do all that and more when you buy a hat by Kakoii Kostumes! Each hat is based on a character on ACDB, and made with love by Cirno.


Look forward to September ! Aug 31, 2015 | Rei
Many updates will be coming in September.

As some may already know, every summer I take something of a forced vacation. The heat quite literally disables my ability to program.

But with the cool weather of Fall and Winter soon arriving, I'm gonna work my fingers to the bone coding every last idea I have for the site!

Guilds and Cards will be two areas of focus.

I want to allow Guilds to advertise on the site. Guild owners will be able to create ads, and moderators will choose which ones run.

Sizes allowed include :


As for cards, the idea is to make a card game. Seeing as there are limitless ways to make card games, you can expect many card games to spring up!

What I feel the most motivated to do is, make EVERY character on ACDB a NPC you can challenge to a card game. Win enough games, you unlock more characters you can challenge.

The difficulty will be set extremely high, so you have a 90% chance of losing.

I'll probably make yet another currency ... and have pretty strict caps and limitations on it.

Also, Cirno will be making some waves on the site with her projects this year! It's gonna be exciting !
Updates Aug 1, 2015 | Rei
New Search for Mobile

Cirno had this idea. I implemented it similar to Windows 8 tiles. Click your way through to complete a search. The only options are :

- Gender
- Cat Ears
- Hair Length
- Hair Color

After, you can scroll down and expand your search to include :

- Two Hair Colors
- Two Hair Lengths
- Two Eye Colors
- Age
- Cat Ears
- Gender


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Momoka Chichiizumi AniahLiepard Sep 19, 2012

look at dem boobs..... those are too big to b boobs!!!! xC

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Apr 27, 2016
<AmaterasuWings> Happy Birthday ACDB!

Apr 26, 2016
<Nanfenkoff> お誕生日おめでとう

Apr 26, 2016
<Rei> ACDB turned 9 today

Apr 25, 2016
<Nanfenkoff> hmmm... good

Apr 23, 2016
<Rei> Moved the chatbox out of the side menu so that it might regain some usefulness xD

Apr 2, 2016
<biggiegate21> Actually they're all %95 off.

Apr 1, 2016
<biggiegate21> Come visit Biggie's Card sale! and get all cards %50 off the lower pricing.

Mar 10, 2016
<Rei> You're very welcome ! ^_^

Mar 9, 2016
<PunkHazard> So many new features! You're really spoiling us Rei. Thank you!

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