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March 3rd's Tip


Every day you log into Anime Characters Database brings you 10% closer to your next rank . In other words, you need to log in 10 days to reach your next rank. Once you reach the top rank, you can start using Epic Ranks!

Mar 3, 2014 Cirno

March 1st's Tip

VS Matches


You can vote for characters in a VS match, and you can also make matches for others to vote on. There are a lot of VS matches to explore!

Mar 1, 2014 Cirno


ACDB now has an Alert notification system . It aims to be lean and meaningful, but also fun for everyone.

Members can send 1 alert per day to any member. ( This likely will change - I'm looking at allowing alerts between friends with higher limits. ) Moderators can send an unlimited number of alerts. And gradually automated alerts will be added - such as invitations to private Guilds and issuing of Awards and approval of uploaded card sets

If you have unread alerts, you'll see a yellow icon next to the ACDB logo like so :

[Image] [Image]

Feb 27, 2014 Rei

February 26th's Tip

The Lounge


The lounge is where you can chat with other members. There are many many lounge scripts you can play such as .miko, .loli and .neko . Apart from the main lounge, you can open private lounges with other members, and visit and make other lounge channels

Feb 26, 2014 Cirno

February 23rd's Tip



Awards are issued for achievements such as in treasure hunting , quizzes , and the dice games . There are even True Gamer and Gamer Mastery awards for combinations. As you reach certain numbers of points, you are automatically issued awards.

Feb 23, 2014 Cirno

February 22nd's Tip

Cards can be found in some treasure chests, or by typing .card in the server tab of the lounge . You can also make cards and buy and sell cards .

Feb 22, 2014 Cirno

February 21st's Tip

Treasure chests can be found on random characters. Chests contain jewels and a chance of containing a card. Sometimes there can even be more than one chest on a character.

To help you find chests, you can buy Intel . Better intel costs more jewels, but allows you to find the chest quicker.

Do you have what it takes to be an S-class Treasure Hunter??

Feb 21, 2014 Cirno

February 17

Profiles Reboot

I've updated the toolset for writing Character Profiles, and created a new viewer that'll keep track of the most recent profile additions.

Page View Counter Reset

Fixed a design flaw that prevented characters from being counted.

We have counters for -
Character Views
Series Views
Character Image Views
Series Image Views

Extra Details

The Extra Details tool has a new database backend. It's a lot easier for me to work with, and our moderators can keep a closer eye on it.

If you've every wanted a criteria for characters beyond the standard eye color, hair color, hair length, age, gender, mimikko - please use Extra Details !

Extra Details is also available for titles. You can use it to add anything.


Feb 17, 2014 Rei

Cards Updates

Created a Card Request Board .

When viewing cards you are collecting, you can click (R) to request a card.


Feb 13, 2014 Rei

February 6th

Most Viewed Characters is back!

It'll update daily with the most viewed characters today.


Originally I kept the page views in the character table, but due to the nature of MyISAM tables this lead to a lot of database locks

Each update on a character's view count would stall all reads and writes until it was completed. Which was okay until we had something like 10 updates per second on a database of over 50,000 characters. Eventually indexes would need to be rebuilt, and the whole thing would grind to a halt for several seconds.

This time I'm trying a separate table ... that tracks views for a specific day only. Small data set. Likely much faster with less locking.

Hope it works!

Feb 5, 2014 Rei

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Momoka Chichiizumi AniahLiepard

look at dem boobs..... those are too big to b boobs!!!! xC

Sep 19, 2012

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Chichi Miko!! AniahLiepard

those aint boobs

Sep 19, 2012


7 7 Star Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun Oct 21, 2014 / Oct 21, 2014 by AmaterasuWings Review length: Long

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1:32 AM, Fri Oct 31 2014


01:00 am
Mitsugu cracks open a bottle and enjoys it in the corner quietly.

12:50 am
<Mitsugu> So it shall be a party of one.

12:46 am
<Mitsugu> Happy Halloween ACDB, and pre-happy Halloween to Feli

12:44 am
<Mitsugu> Party time!!!!

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Mitsugu returns wheeling in a keg, and a lil' red wagon with 2 cases of whiskey, and a case of rum.

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Oct 23, 2014
<13x31> 1024x768 also doesn't have a sideways scroll on the main site.

Oct 17, 2014
<Rei> 1280x720 would be the min res to not have a sideways scroll on the main site

Whereas the mobile site , can do 320x480 no problem

Oct 17, 2014
<Satellizer123> I wonder if it's just me... But I just despise having to scroll sideways T_T

Oct 14, 2014
<Eiki-sama> Eiki's Super Sale: All SSS cards for 7 Diamonds, 7 Sapphires, and 7 Rubies, all other cards for 4 Diamonds, 4 Sapphires, and 4 Rubies!

Oct 10, 2014
<Rei> Seasons List now includes some airtime info like Day, Hour, Minute ( matching when the series airs in Japan )

Oct 9, 2014
<Rei> Added a Vote BOTH option for VS matches. It does not influence the results, but does store the vote different from neither.

Oct 5, 2014
<Eiki-sama> But Sailor Mars' first name is Rei, how could you not go with her? XD

Oct 4, 2014
<Rei> There were a couple images of Mars that were good, but the Sailor Moon one made the biggest impression on me xD

Oct 4, 2014
<Akikojam> I'd prefer Venus, Mars, Saturn or Pluto, but I guess Moon is fine too

Oct 4, 2014
<LiCobra> OOOH!! Sailor Moon! Li likes! \*o*/

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