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Excusing me, persons in there!{::301suddenly yukarin}
What do you wanting in my's library?
Death should not have taken thee, Steph.
I am Jibril.
What can I do for you, Sora and Shiro, le nouveau roi et reine of the Imanity?
You want meine Bibliothek ?
What a sudden demande .
I must look like a pigeon that took
a balle to the face—I mean, la faccia.
Qué ?
I had thought it an avant-garde and unique way
of speaking, but someone else beat me to it?
Let's get back to the point.
So, you want my library.
Are you challenging me
to a game, human?
I see.
Before the ten commandments were introduced,
we Flugel collected severed heads.
Now that murder is forbidden, though,
we value knowledge above all else.
It's not exaggerating to say that books,
which contain that knowledge,
and the place where they are held,
are as valuable as one's life.
You want me to wager my life,
so what are you offering in exchange?
F-Forty thousand?
{\alpha&HFF&\fscx60}...Th-That sure is a lot...
Where do you keep them?
Are you saying that you two
are from another world?
That's impossible.
Summoning a living creature
from another world
and keeping it here requires
a tremendous amount of power.
Even the Old Deus would
find it extremely difficult.
What are you saying?
I can speak every one of the
{\alpha&HFF&\fscx60}...over seven hundred languages—{not sure if 'over seven hundred' should be hyphenated}
It... It's a language I don't know?
An encyclopedia from
a world I don't know?

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