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There we go...
I normally shut myself in at home,
but unusually for me,
today I made up my mind to go out.
All to get my hands on
the first-run limited edition
of a popular online game
that goes on sale today.
A five-hour round trip!
I'm glad I was able to buy it.
In-store exclusives, official or not,
really are playing dirty.
This sunlight is my worst enemy
after three straight all-nighters.
Time to get home and play the hell out of this.
A girl from my high school?
Look out! That truck's going to—
Why would I choose now, of all times,
to do something so out of character?
Just one question...
What about the girl I
pushed out of harm's way?
Thank goodness.
That means my death wasn't in vain.
Huh? Wait a second.
Huh? Then what happened?
Did I die by getting plowed over by a tractor?
I died of shock?!
I've never even met this girl
before. What's her deal?
Stop! I don't wanna hear it!
I don't wanna hear it! I don't wanna hear it!
Stop! Stop!
Damn her!

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