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In 1933, the National Socialist
German Workers' Party came to power.
This was the birth of Chancellor Hitler.
In the end, it was Germany's post-war democracy that gave rise to Fascism.
Excuse me, but we're in
the middle of a lesson.
Council business!
V-Very well, sir!
I'm Gamagoori Ira,
Disciplinary Bureau Chairman!
Students of Class 2-A!
It has come to light that one of you dares
bare his fangs against Honnouji Academy.
There is no room for excuses!
He will be punished immediately!
Did you seriously think that a
tear gas bomb would help you escape?!
Damn it!
So you really are the one who
stole that One-Star Ultima Uniform.
What's the matter? Try it on!
My body and soul are both
overflowing with power!
Th-This is it!
M-My body's moving with
such incredible agility!
Of course! That is the power
of the Ultima Uniform!
All right, then! Eat this!
Myuniform, however...
is rated threestars!
A punch thrown by a mere
One-Star won't put a dent in me!
What were you trying to do by
sneaking out an Ultima Uniform?!
You must be a spy from
Kobe or the likes!
However, that uniform
is wasted on your kind!
You aren't cut out to
wear an Ultima Uniform.
Take it off!
Hear ye, students of Honnouji Academy!

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