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I don't know this ceiling.
The wound on my stomach is gone...
Everything considered, it must've been her.
Emilia's healing power, huh?
Well, at any rate, seems I got out of
using Return by Death this time...
But normally, wouldn't you wake up to a girl
by your bed asking, "Are you awake,"
after she'd cared for you all this time?
For a story about being summoned to
another world, it's kinda flawed.
A looping hallway...
One of those things where I can't
leave until I find the right room?
The typical pattern says that the
first door is likely to be it!
What a profoundly aggravating
man you are, I suppose.
First NPC found!
With that cold attitude, you're gonna
ruin your cute face.
Come on, smile... Smile.
A derisive sneer is the only smile worth giving you.
Are you mad because I guessed
correctly on the first try?
I've always been a pretty lucky guesser...
I can understand why game masters would
want me in all the events, but sorry!
So, what is this place, anyway?
Hmph, it's Betty's multi-purpose room,
both library and bedroom, I suppose.
Talk about your token response.
Are you one of the manual girls everyone's into now?
Betty's had just about enough.
Time to teach you a lesson, I suppose.
Hey, what are you gonna do?
Don't you dare move.
Anything you'd like to say?
D-Don't hurt me.
What did you do to me, you drill loli?
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