Who Board Submitting and Solving: Who Board Guide

A guide to submitting on the Who Board as well as answering questions and Who Board rules.

The Who Board is ACDB’s center for character and anime identification. Here, you can post a picture or video and anyone on the site can help you answer the question “Who’s that character”. Using the board is fairly simple, but there are a few rules and tips to help you use it correctly and avoid clutter on the board.


First, you'll need to head on over to the Who Board. Click "New Thread", and you'll see this form:


URL : Here is where you post the URL of the image or video you want identified - for example, you might paste this in that box:

Note : URL's may only be posted once. If a duplicate thread exists, you'll be redirected to it.

Image : You can also upload your image directly to the Who Board! Just pick the image from your computer, and the image will be uploaded for you. Note : Only Members can upload images to the Who Board.

Comment : This box is where you make your request. There's the simple "Who is this?" for single characters, but you could also ask "What anime/hentai is this?", "Who are these characters?", "Who is the blonde girl?", etc. Remember! - be specific if it's not immediately obvious what character you want identified, especially when it comes to videos. Timestamps are very helpful for these - for example, "Who is the girl at 2:14?"

Name : Here, you can either submit your image as your username, or as Anonymous.

NSFW (18+) : If your image is Not Safe For Work, this box needs to be checked. Obviously, hentai/sexually explicit content must be marked NSFW, but this also includes suggestive nudity (panty shots, nipple slips, lewd poses, etc.) as well as excessive gore (example : the Corpse Party OVAs). It can be a gray area, but if you’re unsure, mark it NSFW just to be safe. My general rule is that the picture or video would get you a stern lecture or fired in an office setting, it’s best to mark it NSFW.

Once you submit your question, all you have to do is wait for an answer. If you didn't ask Anonymously, you can mark your own question solved once someone answers it, or you can wait for a mod to mark it solved. Once it's solved, it will turn yellow.


Answering a Who Board request is a very simple process! First, open up a request:


Then just type your answer in the Comment Box. You can post your answer under your username or Anonymously. It's helpful to link to the character, anime, or artist in your answer, so the asker can easily find them. You can link to the character's profile page right here on ACDb, a wiki page, MyAnimeList, etc. If the image is just an original piece of art, I usually include a link to the artist's work - their Pixiv page, Deviantart gallery, Tumblr, etc.


- Link directly to images whenever possible. If you just link to a website, the answerer can’t be sure what image you want identified. The link should end in an image file type (.jpg, .png, .gif, etc.). However some websites (such as Zerochan and Sankakucomplex) prevent linking directly to images. Please make sure your link works before posting.

- Do not double post. If you asked your question weeks ago and never got an answer, then it’s okay to try again. But if you asked yesterday, and you still don’t have an answer, don’t post the same picture again. It will be considered spam and be deleted. Be patient - the person who knows who that character is might not have checked the Who Board that day.

- Please do not request multiple, different characters/images/links in the same post - make a different post for each different request.

- Avoid posting links to sites such as Facebook, 4chan, or private websites. A lot of the time they don't work, or the link will break within a certain amount of time. Instead, either upload the image directly to the Who Board, or upload it to an image-hosting site such as Imgur or Postimage.org and provide that link.

- To simplify video requests, you can take a screenshot of the moment you want identified, and then upload that image to the Board.

- If you have related images that go with your request, you can use My Files to upload them, which will provide a bbcode to attach them in a comment reply.

- The board is a frequent target of spam, so if your post doesn't go through, try trimming back anything unnecessary that may be on our spam blacklist.

- Try checking the Most Often Searched Characters to see what characters are asked to be identified most often on the Who Board. The character you're looking for may be in that list!

- The Who Forum - There are some questions that need to be asked on the Forum rather than the Board, for example:
• "I remember this anime with a high school girl who falls in love with her neighbor. Can anyone help me?” - If you don’t have an image to be identified, but you can remember the plot or characters of an anime, post it on the Who Forum.
• "Who are other characters that look like this person?” - Because there’s not one definite answer to this kind of question, this needs to be posted on the Who Forum.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a PM!
- AmaterasuWings

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