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Tomoyo Daidouji

Tomoyo Daidouji

Tomoyo Daidouji

Character ID 12403
Romaji Name Tomoyo Daidouji
Japanese Name 大道寺 知世 (だいどうじ ともよ)
Role Supporting
Tagged hinnyuu, loli, camera, blunt bangs, braids
CV Junko Iwao
Type Normal
Appears In Cardcaptor Sakura
JP Voice Actor Junko Iwao
ES Voice Actor Monica Villaseñor
Tomoyo Daidouji
Image Details Official Details
Eye Color Purple Purple
Hair Color Black Black
Hair Length Past Waist Past Waist
Apparent Age Teen Child
Gender Female Female
Animal Ears No No
Date Added Date Updated
Nov 8, 2011


Relation Description ( ie friend of ) Character ID


Tomoyo Daidouji is Second cousin of Touya Kinomoto
Tomoyo Daidouji is Best Friend of Sakura Kinomoto
Tomoyo Daidouji is Daughter of Sonomi Daidouji
Tomoyo Daidouji is Second cousin of Sakura Kinomoto

Reverse Relations

Touya Kinomoto is Second cousin of Tomoyo Daidouji
Sonomi Daidouji is Mother of Tomoyo Daidouji
Sakura Kinomoto is Best Friend of Tomoyo Daidouji
Sakura Kinomoto is Second cousin of Tomoyo Daidouji

Known Stats

Unknown Common Famous
0 1 1

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Who is a better crossover pairing for Kouta (Baka and Test) (Pairings come from tagged Camera)

  • Winner!
    Mao Nonosaka
    Mao Nonosaka
  • Tomoyo Daidouji
    Tomoyo Daidouji

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Anonymous Score:0 She's very candy
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Multitasking Lurker

Score:1 Tomoyo-chan is cute, but I'd prefer Tomoyo-hime (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle).
edit edit

Brave Knight

Score:2 FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. Now who did that!? Don't you dare defile Cardcaptor Sakura with your dirty fantasy! I'll kill that tag right away.
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Misaki Kagura Shoina333

She is the mother of nako not daughter plz fix it

02:20 pm

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Tomoyo Daidouji


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<Akikojam> And, somehow, despite being in first two games, she's a ----ing level 1...

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<Akikojam> Except for she joined me as a secondary hero and with a condition that I can't lose her... which in other words means she's useless, since sending her to battle = risking to get a game over...

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