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Reader View Edit Lucy from Elfen Lied | 4403 views

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Waifu of
Osukaru-sama Waifu's
8 suitors Osukaru-sama Marthe kitty_cat_lover Petalsandglitter Lorri379 Lemon joshhicks21 hentaiguy
Imouto of
Ceri_Dulciate Imouto's
1 siblings Ceri_Dulciate
Character ID 13366
Romaji Name Lucy
Japanese Name ルーシー / にゅう
Aliases Nyuu
Role Main Character
Type Unsorted
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Lucy is Lover of Kouta

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Lucy ルーシー / にゅう Image of Lucy Anime Character 7 Lover of Kouta Elfen Lied


Mitsugu     4 pts     4 year(s)

And when you do, I'll be sure to blast you all over the web for defiling a classic!
Shinigami_55     1 pts     5 year(s)

She's not the villain to be correct. if we had to point one, would be the agency that enclosured her.
Hetalia_Italy     1 pts     5 year(s)

It [i] is [/i] impossible to hate her! She is the main character and villain in this show, but you gotta love her. ^^
Akikojam     1 pts     5 year(s)

I didn't really care about any puppies. But well, a example of old anime rule - never bully the strong :)
Hikarihaze     1 pts     5 year(s)

I 'Nyuu' how you feel. What those kids did to that puppy was unforgivable. They got what they deserved.
Otaku_here     0 pts     3 year(s)

I like Lucy but I don't like Nana that much _
Hetalia_Italy     0 pts     5 year(s)

Oh, yes. It's been a while since I watched the show. I forgot about the agency.
KozashiKyo     0 pts     5 year(s)

HAHAHA, it is IMPOSSIBLE to hate this character!! I freakin' ADORE her, both "Nyuu" AND "Lucy"~~<3<3<3

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