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Character ID 16456
Romaji Name Kurin
Japanese Name クリン
Role Unsorted
Tagged pigtails, hair ribbons, loli
CV 金田まひる
Type Normal
Appears In Maou to Odore 2 ~Change of the World~
Image Details Official Details
Eye Color Red Red
Hair Color White White
Hair Length Past Waist Past Waist
Apparent Age Teen Teen
Gender Female Female
Animal Ears Yes Yes
Date Added Date Updated


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Erza Scarlet Bloodlust

Erza is the best!!!my whole family is crazy about her awesomeness!!its obviously because she's a redhead!!!XD

05:42 pm

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Ghost Hunt Anonymous

I wonder......... Is this a good anime? Looks like it!

03:16 pm

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2 2 Star Pupa Yesterday 10:11 pm / 12:14 am by AmaterasuWings Review length: Long



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06:11 pm
<Akikojam> Lol, the phrase ん……頑張ろうな (N... ganbarou na) basically means "Hmm... let's do our best". But the machine translation like ATLAS translate it as "N... let's do not work hard"... dem lazy translations, turning motivation into laziness

06:02 pm
Stop dwelling on it and go play some random retarded action game or platformer or something like that.
And stop talking about it, I don't care and don't want to know.

i second this

06:02 pm
<Akikojam> And stop talking about it, I don't care and don't want to know.

06:02 pm
<Akikojam> You wouldn't believe how good seiyu are with their voices... or just some voice actors. Stop dwelling on it and go play some random retarded action game or platformer or something like that.

06:01 pm
<cryofwar> you wont know what i mean unless you play it but it was haunting

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07:22 am
<AsukaRyuu> aye

Apr 17, 2014
<Rei> Just made an A-Z Character Name Chart to help with finding characters.

Apr 16, 2014
<Misty_Dreams> I dislike cyberbullies -_-,

Apr 15, 2014
<kyleoconnor> No one likes bullies. :( ACDB is for anime, not for cyberbullying.

Apr 15, 2014
<Aqua> Hi

Apr 14, 2014
<Misty_Dreams> Is Black cats a good anime?

Apr 12, 2014
<Rei> Yes, click Images in the main menu

Apr 11, 2014
<Kevinhoekstra587> IS there a way to find out what character got a new image?

Apr 8, 2014
<AniahLiepard> Lol that was a mouthful (at the end)

Apr 3, 2014
<Mitsugu> Notice to all: Please don't forget to mark your char submissions as 'Ready for Moderation'... Thank you for noticing this notice, and your noticing of this notice will be noted.

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