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Miku Hatsune



Miku Hatsune

Miku Hatsune


Character ID 16460
Romaji Name Miku Hatsune
Japanese Name 初音ミク
Role Main Character
Tagged mini skirt, tie, thigh-high boots, stockings, singer, headphones, pigtails, detached sleeves, tattoo, software
Type Normal

Extra Info

Appears in

Date Added Date Updated
May 14, 2014



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Anonymous Score:0 なんだか 今月から作​ページやキャラクタ​ページを開くとモバ​ル版にページが変わ​てて 見にくくなっ​るな
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Theonewhoknows Score:0 She is taking over the world. Beware.
edit edit
Anonymous Score:0 I Love Miku!! :D People in my class hate me becuse i love anime! But they can't make me stop whatcing it!
edit edit
Squiddie Score:-1, Off Topic
edit edit
Anonymous Score:0 Just for fixing purposes, Miku's voice was provided by Saki Fujita.
edit edit
John Score:0 What happened to the traits thing on each character's page where it shows the stuff like gender,hair colour,visual traits,official traits, etc.
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Anonym Score:0 @John - You have to be logged in to see them
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Anonymous Score:-1, Troll
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Evil Empire Overlord

Score:3, Informative Does not Sound like the appropriate location to start a discussion.
The forums would be the proper location rather than the comments.

The Forums.... Conversations and/or discussions are not for the comments, but in the forums.

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MikuFan Score:0 I love Hatsune Miku!!!!!
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Anonymous Score:0 Same here!!!
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Evil Empire Overlord

Score:3, Funny The best at what?
Singing like a chipmunk?

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hatsune miku lover Score:1, Insightful i love miku hatsune shes cool and the best !
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Miku Hatsune 初音ミク Image of Miku Hatsune Anime Character Main Character Vocaloid

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Ritsu Sohma Anonymous Yesterday 05:22 pm

He doesn't look like a girl in the picture

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Ladies Versus Butlers Shoina333 Jul 22, 2015

this show is my top harem tagged anime in my whole life!


3 3 Star Mouse Jul 1, 2015 / Jul 1, 2015 by Mitsugu Review length: Long

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Miku Hatsune


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