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America from Hetalia | 197 views
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America has the following official traits

Eye Color
Hair Color
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To Ears
Apparent Age
Animal Ears

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Character ID 17734
Romaji Name America
Japanese Name アメリカ (アルフレッド・F・ジョーンズ)
Aliases Alfred F. Jones
Role Protagonist
Type Unsorted
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- Dec 8, 2010
we(I) will be the hero
Hetalia_Italy - May 12, 2012
America! My lovely hero! I love you so much! <3<3
- Jun 21, 2012
hahaa hhe's the hero!!! XD i love you Americaaa!!!!!!!! X3
Hetalia_Italy - Jun 21, 2012
Indeed he is! The most amazing hero ever~! ^^
AniahLiepard - Sep 23, 2012
im srry he iz not there with u feli
Hetalia_Italy - Sep 23, 2012
I know, I know. It's... hard.
NihonKiku - Sep 28, 2012
Awww he looks soooo cute
AniahLiepard - Sep 28, 2012
Too bad kiku he belongs to feli T^T
Hetalia_Italy - Sep 28, 2012
She knows. I've told her a million times.
*holds Alfie tightly and shoots death glare at everyone* He's MINEEEEE...
XxChelsea-ChanxX - Nov 19, 2012
Oh dear ((( ;°Д°)))
Guess I don't want spam.. However *eyeing Alfred*... TT^TT Nevermind, I'll just take my wonderful Iggy *heaaart*!~
Hetalia_Italy - Nov 19, 2012
Why am I not surprised.
And sorry, but England belongs to FRANCE. Mwahaahahhahaha
Hetalia_Italy - Nov 19, 2012
@Chelsea: Ahahaha, one more comment like that and you're gonna get a LOT of spam in your private messages.

*hides Alfred and rolls eyes into back of head* He's miiiiine~ *devious grin*
XxChelsea-ChanxX - Nov 19, 2012
Awww<3 *Hugs Alfie*
I JUST(人´∀`*)
Hetalia_Italy - Nov 21, 2012
Nope. Because everyone fangirls over England.
XxChelsea-ChanxX - Nov 26, 2012
Well actually... I don't tend to fangirl over England that much ^^;;
I have a bit of a bias towards Norway (ーー;) Well, all the Nordics, really..
Hetalia_Italy - Nov 26, 2012
I just hate how the majority of the fandom fangirls over England and supports USUK.

And those fans say crap about us FrUK fans while we're all like, "Go FrUK."
XxChelsea-ChanxX - Nov 27, 2012
Yeah, I do agree that quite a lot of the fandom fangirls over England, but I love him coz he's my country, and well.. You can't really hate your country.. ^_^ and I support USUK, but I hate that some of the other fans hate against FrUK, because everyone has opinions, and I respect that you support FrUK. I just hate it when I get hated on by FrUK fans just because USUK is my OTP.. Why can't fangirls just get along..? T^T
amy552 - Nov 27, 2012
No body is hating anybody. This a argument over a pairing with no factual answer, so what's the use fighting over it?
Chelsea, if you think about it US and UK are brothers witch is incest. Also stop using emotes in an argument if you want to be taken seriously.
Feli, you'll just have to take in that USUK is more popular in the thuper stupid fandom, like I have. There is nothing we can really do to change the half of stupid fandom.
Now let's just continue doing what we love, if you love this argument and continue being stubborn a$$holes please pretend that this post doesn't exist.
XxChelsea-ChanxX - Nov 27, 2012
Ahh, I can't help using emotes^^;; and it's technically not an argument, since we're not arguing, are we?(:
I suppose you could see it as incest, but I don't really see it like that, seeing as America became independent and since it wasn't really a "blood" relation in the first place, I don't see it as incest. (No idea if that made sense or not.. >.>)) Well, because neither are canon, and most definitely never will be, there's no use in complaining and arguing over it, just love what you love and leave others alone.
Hetalia_Italy - Nov 27, 2012
I agree with Amy.
Teh fandom is soooo thuper stupid... T_T
amy552 - Nov 27, 2012
Ugh, I'm going to sit in the FrUK corner and eat ice cream.
Hetalia_Italy - Nov 27, 2012
I'm coming too, Amy. USUK fangirls have taken over the fandom.

*sits in corner and sticks head in ice cream*
Hetalia_Italy - Jul 4, 2013
( typed by a cat )
xoxoSuperSonic - Jul 4, 2013
Like what Hetalia_Italy said, Happy birthday to America! You really are the hero! X3 And happy 4th of July to everyone~!
NihonKiku - Jul 9, 2013
( typed by a cat )
kyleoconnor - Dec 29, 2013
With hamburgers, he reminds me of Jughead.
N1c0l325 - Jan 28, 2014
I love him, he's the best character in hetalia!
fma--codegeass - Jan 28, 2014
Yea, he's pretty cool, not my very favourite but definitely near the top
fma--codegeass - Jan 28, 2014
Yea, he's pretty cool, not my very favourite but definitely near the top
N1c0l325 - Feb 1, 2014
Who would hate on America, he is such an awesome character!

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