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  • America
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Reader View Edit America from Hetalia | 1177 views

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Character ID 17734
Romaji Name America
Japanese Name アメリカ (アルフレッド・F・ジョーンズ)
Aliases Alfred F. Jones
Role Protagonist
Type Unsorted
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Voice Actors | 2

Popular Characters voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi

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20 COMMENTS Best ↓

N1c0l325     0 pts     3 year(s)

Who would hate on America, he is such an awesome character!
fma--codegeass     0 pts     3 year(s)

Yea, he's pretty cool, not my very favourite but definitely near the top
N1c0l325     0 pts     3 year(s)

I love him, he's the best character in hetalia!
kyleoconnor     0 pts     3 year(s)

With hamburgers, he reminds me of Jughead.
xoxoSuperSonic     0 pts     3 year(s)

Like what Hetalia_Italy said, Happy birthday to America! You really are the hero! X3 And happy 4th of July to everyone~!
Hetalia_Italy     0 pts     4 year(s)

I'm coming too, Amy. USUK fangirls have taken over the fandom. *sits in corner and sticks head in ice cream*
amy552     0 pts     4 year(s)

Ugh, I'm going to sit in the FrUK corner and eat ice cream.
Hetalia_Italy     0 pts     4 year(s)

I agree with Amy. Teh fandom is soooo thuper stupid... T_T
Hetalia_Italy     0 pts     4 year(s)

Nope. Because everyone fangirls over England.
XxChelsea-ChanxX     0 pts     4 year(s)

Coz he's my country~?

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