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Hinagiku Katsura
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Character ID 22408
Romaji Name Howl
Japanese Name ハウル
Role Protagonist
Tagged earring, mage
CV Takuya Kimura
Type Normal
Appears In Howl's Moving Castle

Date Added Date Updated
Nov 25, 2013


Relation Description ( ie friend of ) Character ID


Howl is In love with Sophie Hatter
Howl is Master over Calcifer
Howl is mentor to Markl
Howl is former student to Madame Suliman

Reverse Relations

Sophie Hatter is In love with Howl
Calcifer is servant to Howl
Markl is student to Howl
Madame Suliman is former teacher to Howl

Known Stats

Unknown Common Famous
0 1 2

Additional Images


Character Profile

Howl is a powerful wizard but rather lazy. He is constantly on the run from the Witch of the Waste, who he seduced and dumped, and Madame Suliman, who wants him to help his country in a war by using his magic to harm the other side. He has the ability to change into a bird-like creature, but runs the risk of not being able to turn back.

His hair colors change over the course of the anime. He starts out blonde, accidentally dyes it orange and then dyes it black to cover it up.

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  • Haku

Who do you like better?

  • Howl
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    Takumi Usui
    Takumi Usui

who do you like better?

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  • Ashitaka

Who is more over-dramatic?

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  • Tamaki Suou
    Tamaki Suou

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Anonymous Score:0 An awesome character from an absolutely awesome movie.
edit edit
awesome anime luver Score:0 Howl didn't accidentally die his hair orange, Sophie messed up the potions that were in the washroom, the potions that kept Howl's hair blonde, so that they - the potions - didn't do what they were supposed to do (dye the user's hair blonde), and Howl's hair came out a darker shade than what it should've been in a non-permanent way. (instead of staying in whatever shade the dye came out as for a long period of time, it turns the user's hair back to its original shade almost immediately)After the dye's effect wore off, Howl's hair reverted to its natural - note, NATURAL - shade, a glossy black.
edit edit
iloveyouhayate Score:1 te ves bien de cualquier color de pelo pero...que pedo te mandaste sofi
You look good in any hair color but... that fart you sent sofi

edit edit
UchihaxHozuki Score:1 Howl is just so great :o
edit edit
Osukaru-sama Score:1 I am fascinated by this character, and if I were gay even more. XD
edit edit
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