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Howl from Howl's Moving Castle | 179 views
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Howl has the following indexed traits

Eye Color
Hair Color
Hair Length
To Shoulders
Apparent Age
Animal Ears

Howl has the following official traits

Eye Color
Hair Color
Hair Length
To Shoulders
Apparent Age
Animal Ears

More Details

Character ID 22408
Romaji Name Howl
Japanese Name ハウル
Role Protagonist
CV Takuya Kimura
Type Unsorted
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Relations | 8

Howl has the following relations with other characters

Howl is In love with Sophie Hatter
Howl is Master over Calcifer
Howl is mentor to Markl
Howl is former student to Madame Suliman

These characters have the following relations with Howl

Sophie Hatter is In love with Howl
Calcifer is servant to Howl
Markl is student to Howl
Madame Suliman is former teacher to Howl



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- Sep 2, 2011
An awesome character from an absolutely awesome movie.
- Nov 15, 2011
Howl didn't accidentally die his hair orange, Sophie messed up the potions that were in the washroom, the potions that kept Howl's hair blonde, so that they - the potions - didn't do what they were supposed to do (dye the user's hair blonde), and Howl's hair came out a darker shade than what it should've been in a non-permanent way. (instead of staying in whatever shade the dye came out as for a long period of time, it turns the user's hair back to its original shade almost immediately)After the dye's effect wore off, Howl's hair reverted to its natural - note, NATURAL - shade, a glossy black.
iloveyouhayate - Aug 25, 2012
te ves bien de cualquier color de pelo pero...que pedo te mandaste sofi
You look good in any hair color but... that fart you sent sofi

UchihaxHozuki - Feb 11, 2013
Howl is just so great :o
Osukaru-sama - Jul 24, 2014
I am fascinated by this character, and if I were gay even more. XD

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Howl ハウル Image of Howl Anime Character 10 In love with Sophie Hatter Master over Calcifer mentor to Markl former student to Madame Suliman Howl's Moving Castle


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Haku Anonymous 12:56 pm

How is he/she not in the top 5 "worst" traps ?

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Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress PunkHazard Yesterday 08:49 pm

If you liked Attack On Titan you are going to love this.


7 7 Star Gangsta Feb 24, 2016 / Feb 24, 2016 by AmaterasuWings Review length: Long


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