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Ruri Goko from My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute

Ruri Goko

Ruri Goko

Ruri Goko has the following indexed traits

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Animal Ears

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Relations | 5

Ruri Goko has the following relations with other characters

Ruri Goko is older sister of Hinata Gokou
Ruri Goko is older sister of Tamaki Gokou

These characters have the following relations with Ruri Goko

Hinata Gokou is younger sister of Ruri Goko
Queen of Nightmare is often cosplayed by Ruri Goko
Tamaki Gokou is younger sister of Ruri Goko

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Comments | 13

Ryuushima - Oct 27, 2012
Really one of the most awesome anime characters ever! Been reading a bit of the light novel lately ( the original source that the anime is based on ) and she just becomes more and more awesome.
Kuroneko !!!
AkemiDouhito - Oct 28, 2012
She's so cute! <333 I want to hug her! <33 :*
Ryuushima - Oct 31, 2012
Currently also reading the spinoff manga that's made with her as the main heroine instead of focussing so much on kirino. KYAAA it's awesome !
Ryuushima - Nov 4, 2012
time goes by so fast it's almost scary, I remember watching this anime like it was yesterday. Kuroneko is just SUPER ! xD
Ryuushima - May 11, 2013
Todays episode .... Todays EPISODE .... yep TODAYS EPISODE! Kyaaaaa I can't spoil it for obvious reasons but people that haven't watched Oreimo yet should really start watching soon xD
Akikojam - May 11, 2013
Still waiting for ongoing to turn completed, which is still several weeks away. Stop kicking my resolve to wait in the head
Ryuushima - May 12, 2013
xD hehe ye sorry it's just that this last chapter made me jumping and cheering so much. I'm amazed at your willpower to wait till it is completed.
Lonewolfsinger - Jul 15, 2013
I don't see how it's possible to wait till the season ends. Just to much Kawaii. Need more Kuroneko.
Ryuushima - Jul 15, 2013
so true, Kuroneko is awesome. I really hope they will not rush too much trough the rest of volume 12 ( the final volume of the light novel ) in the later released episodes though I am afraid they will rush trough it very hard.
If you really like Oreimo a lot then you should definitely check out the light novel aswell since a lot and I mean A LOT of scenes are not put in the anime.
Lonewolfsinger - Jul 15, 2013
Would you mind directing me to the spinoff manga. I think i may have heard something vaguely about it once. Not sure about that. Would love to see Kuroneko more than a secondary character.
Ryuushima - Jul 15, 2013
search for "ORE NO KOUHAI GA KONNA NI KAWAII WAKE" there is not a lot of it released but it's an enjoyable read nonetheless.
Akikojam - Oct 1, 2014
So, from all the events in the second season, I guess I could sum up Kuroneko as a "good character in the wrong anime". She'd look way better being friends with Kobato and Sena in Haganai than having to deal with Oreimo characters' stupid drama. I still have high hopes for her in the Oreimo VN. I know it has a bit modified plot, but that's EXACTLY why I have high hopes. Because, honestly, Oreimo anime(and apparently LN) plot is plain horrible, only the characters are good.
- Oct 5, 2014
Kuroneko is and will always be my favorite character in Oreimo

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FireSprite54 , must_zen , KatieMoonstruck , misshentai , JxNine (9 Points) , Tkurumi , NaoHiraki , Anime_Pryo , nurgiel , vdh , glowsticksandstoned , westfox , Kenshin0 , OnnaVenera (9 Points) True waifu material. , hariboneagle927 , Fire-Dragon , Kashiyuka , Eiki-sama , Sephiroth1963 , Sugomi , SuperIchigo , SKyongmania , ShrinkingViolet , Discors , Pureshadow , Brajanmark42 , ikuto_kun , Darkamii54 , bryanma93 , JustCallMeSatou , IAmTheUnknown0 , Yop1000 (10 Points) , KittenAngle , Forbidzero , Hibiki340 , C4ECCHI , ehuhair , MegaManBlitz , 1Alex96 (10 Points) , Fox222 , patonegro (10 Points) , obito169 (7 Points) , Murgen , LF2005 , ReCee427 , Byakuya92 (3 Points) , AkemiDouhito , ChibiPotatoes , Ryuushima (9 Points) Kuroneko daisukiiiiiiii!!! WAAAAA SUKI SUKI SUKI SUKI DAISUKIII, chiqui1970 , Skull_Flare10 , adiosgatos , RanMouriAoko (10 Points) , LaNita_Z , Hikarihaze , CesarMagnan , Fera666 (9 Points) , Speckshin (7 Points) , Protopred (7 Points) , Dark , Akikojam (10 Points) , OtakuFever (7 Points)

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Voice Actors | 1

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How Well Known | 3

Yurihime333 Know source and character.
Eiki-sama Know source and character.
hariboneagle927 Know source and character.

Love Hate | 64

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Ruri Goko is hated by

Favorite Rating | 14


Ruri Goko—Character Review
Rating: 8.36 out of 10
based on 18792 reviews.

VS | 6

Ruri Goko appears in the following VS matches

Haganai vs Oreimo (the dark chuuni)

  • Winner!
    Kobato Hasegawa
    Kobato Hasegawa
  • Ruri Goko / Kuroneko
    Ruri Goko / Kuroneko

Who do you like more?

  • Tie! Ruri Goko / Kuroneko
    Ruri Goko / Kuroneko
  • Tie! Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi
    Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi

Who would you like to have as sister?

  • Winner!
    Azusa Nakano
    Azusa Nakano
  • Ruri Goko / Kuroneko
    Ruri Goko / Kuroneko

Who is the cutest?

  • Winner!
    Ruri Goko / Kuroneko
    Ruri Goko / Kuroneko
  • Neko

Between these two, who would be better for Kyousuke Kousaka?

  • Ayase_Aragaki
  • Winner!
    Ruri Goko / Kuroneko
    Ruri Goko / Kuroneko

Who is better?

  • Winner!
    Ruri Goko / Kuroneko
    Ruri Goko / Kuroneko
  • Kirino_Kousaka

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Ruri Goko 五更 瑠璃 / 黒猫 (Kuroneko) Image of Ruri Goko Anime Character 0 older sister of Hinata Gokou older sister of Tamaki Gokou My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute


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ERZA SCARLET what a magnificent name .. I Love it whit that she's the unbeatibal Titan so cool and Awesomeeeeeeeee

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One Punch Man Hetalia_Italy Feb 12, 2016

This show could not have ended better. What a ride. I'm really excited for the next season and what's to come next!


10 10 Star Kamisama Kiss Feb 8, 2016 / Feb 8, 2016 by ilovepizza Review length: Short
ONE OF MY TOP FAVORITE!!! ~~ The anime is just superb I highly recommend this for those who love Shoujo/Romance/Comdedy/Fantasy/SuperNatural/Demons lover like me ♥
Awaiting for them to update the Season 3 (anime) ♥ its just because the Manga is still on going and I just can't wait !! I'm just waiting for their new release!!
Yesterday 01:31 am
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