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Seraphim 'Sera'

Seraphim 'Sera'

Seraphim 'Sera'

Character ID 25694
Romaji Name Seraphim 'Sera'
Japanese Name セラフィム(セラ)
Role Main Character
Tagged vampire, boots, belt, jeans, midriff, ponytail, hair tube
Type Normal
Appears In Is This a Zombie?
Appears In Is This a Zombie? of the Dead / Hell Chapter
JP Voice Actor Youko Hikasa
EN Voice Actor Morgan Garrett
Seraphim 'Sera'
Image Details Official Details
Eye Color Green Green
Hair Color Black Black
Hair Length Past Waist Past Waist
Apparent Age Teen Teen
Gender Female Female
Animal Ears No No
Date Added Date Updated
Aug 20, 2013


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Known Stats

Unknown Common Famous
0 1 2

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Most liked Vampire contest part 4 round 1

  • Seraphim 'Sera'
    Seraphim 'Sera'
  • Winner!

Most liked Vampire contest part 3 round 1

  • Braz D. Vlad
    Braz D. Vlad
  • Winner!
    Seraphim 'Sera'
    Seraphim 'Sera'

Most liked Vampire contest part 2 round 2

  • Winner!
    Seraphim 'Sera'
    Seraphim 'Sera'
  • Seras Victoria
    Seras Victoria

Most liked Vampire contest round 3

  • Tie! Moka Akashiya
    Moka Akashiya
  • Tie! Seraphim 'Sera'
    Seraphim 'Sera'

Which vampire ninja do you prefer?

  • Winner!
    Seraphim 'Sera'
    Seraphim 'Sera'
  • Yuki Yoshida / Mael Strom / Tomonori
    Yuki Yoshida / Mael Strom / Tomonori

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Kyonyuu Empire ~High Queen~

Score:1 Ha, the beauty Rei mentioned ^^ I owe you one there lol
edit edit
Hikarihaze Score:1 Beauty indeed. Too bad she's so mean to our main character.
edit edit
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Seraphim 'Sera'


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