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DXD Guild Crest Akeno Himejima

Akeno Himejima

High School DxD

High School DxD

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Akeno Himejima

Akeno Himejima


Character ID 36118
Romaji Name Akeno Himejima
Japanese Name 姫島 朱乃(ひめじま あけの)
Role Supporting
Tagged ponytail, hair ribbon, school uniform, bow, cape, knee highs, twin ahoge, kyonyuu
Voice Actors Shizuka Itou, 伊藤静, いとう しずか
Voice Actors Teri Rogers, ,
Voice Actors Kelly Angel, ,
Type Normal
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Date Added Date Updated
Dec 17, 2011 Dec 17, 2011

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Munay Sin Score:0 I love the uniform. It looks so cute can you give me one?
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Anonymous Score:0 I've seen better.
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nosgothian Score:1 Wouldn't Akeno be 3rd behind Rias and Asia?
edit edit
Anonymous Score:0 on boob size no i believe she is bigger the rias and asia is next to flat if you google measurements for her team shes a step above koneko and under xenovia and then the other silver hair chick they get cant remember her name i think is third, though she is second in command and asia is like 5th ouo
edit edit

The Perverted Clown

Score:2 Akeno indeed has the biggest breast size out of the club members, there is a constant struggle in Issei's mind about Akeno's size and Rias's softness lol.
Also Asia has been growing very well lately so not really fair to call her almost flat :P Koneko is the one with the loli-oppai however In shirone mode she gets a body that most girls would be jealous of. I still prefer her loli version though

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Akeno Himejima 姫島 朱乃(ひめじま あけの) Image of Akeno Himejima Anime Character Supporting 2'nd lover after Rias Gremory Issei Hyoudou High School DxD

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Ryoko Asuka NuitTombee Feb 8, 2016

Tagged her as delinquent.

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Kamisama Kiss Anonymous Feb 8, 2016

I love it very much. specially mizuki and tomoe. 3


10 10 Star Kamisama Kiss Feb 8, 2016 / Feb 8, 2016 by ilovepizza Review length: Short
ONE OF MY TOP FAVORITE!!! ~~ The anime is just superb I highly recommend this for those who love Shoujo/Romance/Comdedy/Fantasy/SuperNatural/Demons lover like me ♥
Awaiting for them to update the Season 3 (anime) ♥ its just because the Manga is still on going and I just can't wait !! I'm just waiting for their new release!!
02:09 pm
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