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Alan Granger

Alan Granger

Sailor Moon R

Sailor Moon R

Alan Granger

Alan Granger


Character ID 54061
Romaji Name Alan Granger
Japanese Name 銀河 星十郎 (Seijuro Ginga)
Role Unsorted
Type Normal

Extra Info

Appears in

Date Added Date Updated
Nov 3, 2012



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Alan Granger 銀河 星十郎 (Seijuro Ginga) Image of Alan Granger Anime Character Unsorted Same as Al Fake brother/Lover to Anne Granger In love with Serena Tsukino Rival to Darien Shields Sailor Moon R

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Tsubomi Kido Anonymous 05:27 pm

Kido is a FEMALE not MALE.

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Vocaloid Anonymous Apr 27, 2015

vocaloid is not an anime but mmd has made short clips to make an anime version and it is awesome i watched al of them and lots of the characters are in there. just go on youtube and search "mmd vocaloid anime first episode" and it should pop up. if not look through it and it shows miku on a piano. have fun watching it i know i did :)


5 5 Star Hell Girl Mar 26, 2015 / Mar 26, 2015 by Mitsugu Review length: Long

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Alan Granger—Character Review
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Alan Granger


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Raximus asks

Who had the better movie addaption in the 21st century(real action only)?

Himura Kenshin


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