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Maui's wise quotes Guild Crest Hampnie Hambart

Hampnie Hambart

Sunday Without God

Sunday Without God

Hampnie Hambart

Hampnie Hambart


Character ID 63445
Romaji Name Hampnie Hambart
Japanese Name 人喰い玩具(ハンプニー・ハンバート)
Aliases The Man-Eating Toy, 人喰い玩具, Hitokui Omocha
Role Unsorted
Tagged coat, belt, gunman
Voice Actors Daisuke Namikawa, 浪川大輔, なみかわ だいすけ
Voice Actors Andrew Love, ,
Type Normal
Links All Anime Search, Anime Characters

Extra Info

Appears in

Date Added Date Updated
Jul 19, 2013 Jan 10, 2015



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Hampnie Hambart 人喰い玩具(ハンプニー・ハンバート) Image of Hampnie Hambart Anime Character Unsorted Father of Ai Astin Sunday Without God

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im doing this For twin tails to join

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Mikagura School Suite Shoina333 Aug 22, 2015

Eruna is brightning the anime


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Hampnie Hambart—Character Review
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Hampnie Hambart


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