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Character of the Week ( 2012 Week 17 )
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Pearls 4 Diamonds 99 Sapphires 31 Rubies 34 1Alex96

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Vacation-Coordination Neko
ACDB "True Gamer" Award: 500Chests/1000Quiz pts. Christina Kafuka
Sapphires 4 Rubies 41 NekoiNemo

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First Year Cadet Yami / Golden Darkness
Sapphires 9 Rubies 4 manuma
Second Year Cadet Christina Kafuka
Sapphires 1 Rubies 90 MioMamiXX

MioMamiXX Avatar

Recruit Mio Akiyama
Rubies 12 takikyu
Recruit Inori Yuzuriha
Pearls 8 Diamonds 11 Sapphires 93 Rubies 11 EatsSweets
Page of Void

EatsSweets Avatar

Wise Wolf
Admin Level 0 Dante
Pearls 47 Diamonds 93 Sapphires 26 Rubies 65 Ryuushima

Ryuushima Avatar

The Perverted Clown
Admin Level 10 Medaka Kurokami
Pearls 25 Diamonds 91 Sapphires 56 Rubies 68 xikkus

xikkus Avatar

The All-Knowing
Treasure Hunter 1000 Found Medaka Kurokami
Pearls 66 Diamonds 29 Sapphires 44 Rubies 53 BigJohn
Young Dragon Rimi Sakihata
Pearls 2 Diamonds 2 Sapphires 36 Rubies 65 Akuto
Ensign Motoko Kusanagi
Pearls 27 Diamonds 30 Sapphires 74 Rubies 67 Akikojam
Pixelated Knight

Akikojam Avatar

Brave Knight
Admin Level 10
100 Characters Award Vanilla H
Pearls 11 Diamonds 37 Sapphires 30 Rubies 65 CesarMagnan
Commander Vanilla H
Pearls 15 Diamonds 91 Sapphires 40 Rubies 25 Shinigami_55
~Loli Power~ supporter

Shinigami_55 Avatar

Ecletic Listener
Admin Level 7
Language Interpreter - Portuguese Dante
Pearls 15 Diamonds 71 Sapphires 40 Rubies 98 Satellizer123
Fanfiction Veteran ^^

Satellizer123 Avatar

Kyonyuu Empire ~High Queen~
Admin Level 5
250 Characters Award Nadja (Nadiusu the 12th)
Pearls 4 Diamonds 11 Sapphires 11 Rubies 91 anonymous17
A17 or Hime-sama

anonymous17 Avatar

Admin Level 0
Over 9000 Characters Award Kirino Kirihiko
Pearls 12 Diamonds 49 Sapphires 67 Rubies 21 KozashiKyo
Kyo Kaoru Kozashi

KozashiKyo Avatar

Fleet Admiral Rimi Sakihata
Sapphires 20 Rubies 93 xunhesakien

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First Year Cadet England


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Haku Anonymous Apr 30, 2016

How is he/she not in the top 5 "worst" traps ?

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Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress PunkHazard Apr 29, 2016

If you liked Attack On Titan you are going to love this.


7 7 Star Gangsta Feb 24, 2016 / Feb 24, 2016 by AmaterasuWings Review length: Long


Yesterday 05:17 pm
<Rei> Who Board thread listing now includes latest reply info. Thanks to Nuit for the idea. ^_^

Apr 27, 2016
<AmaterasuWings> Happy Birthday ACDB!

Apr 26, 2016
<Nanfenkoff> お誕生日おめでとう

Apr 26, 2016
<Rei> ACDB turned 9 today

Apr 25, 2016
<Nanfenkoff> hmmm... good

Apr 23, 2016
<Rei> Moved the chatbox out of the side menu so that it might regain some usefulness xD

Apr 2, 2016
<biggiegate21> Actually they're all %95 off.

Apr 1, 2016
<biggiegate21> Come visit Biggie's Card sale! and get all cards %50 off the lower pricing.

Mar 10, 2016
<Rei> You're very welcome ! ^_^

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