言峰 綺礼(ことみね きれい)


Profile Picture for Kirei Kotomine
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ID 1014
Wealth Rubies 10
From Fate Stay Night
Media Type h-game
Voiced By Crispin Freeman, ,
Voiced By Jouji Nakata, 中田譲治, なかた じょうじ
Voiced By Jamieson Price, Jamieson Kent Price, Taylor Henry
Tags dim eyes, priest, cross
Birthday December 28
Sign Capricorn ♑


Kirei Kotomine is a character from the eroge Fate Stay Night.
They have been indexed as Male Adult with Brown eyes and Brown hair that is To Shoulders length.


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Your troubles are very fitting as a human being. (0:07:18.95)
You, too, have disobeyed my order. (1:12:56.01)
It's- (0:21:56.82)
Whether or not you decide to
participate in the Holy Grail War,
Similar to our Executors? (0:24:40.12)
His actions are completely disconnected from any thought of risk versus reward. (0:29:28.10)
Hello, Rin. (0:36:49.43)
Only one. (0:07:21.70)
My father will be coming to Fuyuki City? (0:04:32.89)

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Kirei Kotomine 言峰 綺礼(ことみね きれい) Image of Kirei Kotomine Anime Character 9 Master of The Hundred Faced Hassan Master of Lancer Son of Risei Kotomine ally and former master of Gilgamesh enemy of Kiritsugu Emiya Adult Guardian of Rin Tohsaka Enemy of Shirou Emiya former secret ally of Tokiomi Tohsaka Fate Stay Night


Junji ( Rubies 10)

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