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Reader View Edit Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler | 3832 views

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Character ID 15501
Romaji Name Sebastian Michaelis
Japanese Name セバスチャン・ミカエリス
Role Protagonist
Type Unsorted
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Voice Actors | 2

Popular Characters voiced by Daisuke Ono

Sebastian Michaelis appears in the following

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11 COMMENTS Best ↓

katzanna     1 pts     3 year(s)

He is simply one HELL of a butler... and cat specialist.
Ouran     0 pts     11 month(s)

NSebastin is one of most beloved character in anime.
SlayerFan     0 pts     1 year(s)

cant get enough of him
AliCake     0 pts     1 year(s)

Sebastian were are you~?
Katnipplease     0 pts     2 year(s)

I prefer mizuki, but Sebastian is still cool
katzanna     0 pts     2 year(s)

They may seem like they do, but I'm sure they do :)
katzanna     0 pts     2 year(s)

XD everyone (in real life or in the show)love Sebas-chan
BlackSaviorSUB     0 pts     3 year(s)

I love this butler.
Eleanor     0 pts     4 year(s)

Sebby just too cool ::46
XxChelsea-ChanxX     0 pts     4 year(s)

Pfft, how can anyone hate Sebastian? 殺す(◕‿◕✿)

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