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アサシン (Sasaki Kojirou)


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ID 30678
From Fate Stay Night
Media Type h-game
Voiced By Shinichiro Miki, 三木眞一郎, みき しんいちろう
Tags ponytail, hair ribbon, hair intakes
EN Voice Actor David Vincent
Uploaded by Rinn


Assassin is a character from the eroge Fate Stay Night.
They have been indexed as Male Adult with Blue eyes and Blue hair that is To Waist length.


Appears in

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Return of the Swallows! (1:31:09.62)
It seems that you wish to proceed. (0:29:54.89)
I can't bring myself to pluck a flower in pain. (0:36:09.24)
Secret skill... (1:31:04.26)
Are you going to stop me from letting them go? (0:36:22.76)
I'd like to ask you myself. (0:36:20.99)
You could say I'm lucky to have held out this long. (1:27:58.91)
...there will be no greater stage than this. (1:28:16.27)
Protector of Ryuudou temple, and Assassin-class Servant. (0:29:51.11)

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Assassin アサシン (Sasaki Kojirou) Image of Assassin Anime Character 5 Servant of Caster Fate Stay Night


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