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Light Yagami

Light Yagami

Death Note

Death Note

Light Yagami

Light Yagami


Character ID 12872
Romaji Name Light Yagami
Japanese Name 夜神 月 (Yagami Raito)
Aliases Kira (キラ)
Role Protagonist
Tagged genius, tactician
Voice Actors Mamoru Miyano, 宮野真守, みやの まもる
Voice Actors Brad Swaile, Bradley Swaile,
Type Normal
Birthday (more) February 28
Height 179cm
Weight 64.1kg

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Appears in

Date Added Date Updated
Dec 21, 2014


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  • The Death Note (Notebook)


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Just me ^^, Score:0 Light owns...
edit edit
Anonymous Score:0 World needs a Kira.
edit edit
youRme Score:0 KIRA god of the new world
edit edit
Jimmawww Score:0 I searched my own characteristics and this is the first result, I feel... LIKE A BAUSS
edit edit

Rainbow Master

Score:1 He's totally batshiz crazy, I've gotta be the only person who doesn't like him. :/
edit edit
Anonymous Score:0 Honestly, he's a good character but I don't really like him. I find I like L better.
edit edit
Pinkieseb Score:0 He didnt even go that insane. If you call him bat---- crazy. Then you'd think I am completely insane..
edit edit

Rainbow Apprentice

Score:2 You're a couple years late replying to this one. Light is fuggen crazy as hell. Killing people did not bring his so-called "justice" or whatever. He became insane and saying that he didn't go crazy makes me think that you're whacked in the head. It's like saying that Dio Brando from JJBA was innocent when he killed all those people. (Dio did nothing wrong) So yeah. Light is batshiz crazy, period.
edit edit
edit edit
Anonymous Score:0 Light got twisted after hhe found the Notebook :{ I liked old Light not KIRA -.-
edit edit
Naomi Score:0 yeah, I also like old Light I dun like Kira at all :'C
edit edit

Rainbow Master

Score:1 Whoa, text wall much?

I would have to strongly disagree. Killing people is not the way to get justice. Also perfection is an ideal, I don't believe anyone can get a "perfect world". People are not perfect, people make mistakes, therefore there is no such thing as a perfect world.

But that's just me.

edit edit

Ecletic Listener

Score:1 Uh Gydine, Saying that Light killed L is a spoiler for those who haven't watched it, even though a lot of people already have....

Although then again that was posted in May so it's probably too late.

(Spoiler fail)

edit edit
SunflowerGirl Score:0, You Don't Say
edit edit
Anonymous Score:0 I don't get why people like him! I used to like him, he was a nice kid. But then he found the Death Note and his life went downhill! Imagine what his life could have been like if he never found the note! I stopped liking him when he had started to go crazy and just kill those in his way.
edit edit
Anonymous Score:0 He's needed, smart but stupid, wanted to bring justice but forgot something basic.
edit edit
Anonymous Score:0 Am I the only one who finds it a bit creepy how much the person who posted this knows so much about him? His height, weight, even his blood type?? WTF
edit edit

Brave Knight

Score:2 Most likely you are. I bet this is an information from some official character profile. I dunno, can't confirm it, but those are not that hard to find, if the exist.
edit edit


Score:2 I'll add that Japanese people are kinda interested in blood types. According to some of them, they are related to personality - a bit like our zodiacal sings.
edit edit
Mrs. Yagami Score:0 I LOVE YOU LIGHT! :D
edit edit
Anonymous Score:0 Light's life when down hill after the Death Note... Why did he have to pick it up???
edit edit
Yagamijustine Score:1 LIGHT-KUN!!!! I AM YOURS ALWAYS AND EVER!!!!
edit edit
Anonymous Score:-1, Troll
edit edit
Luciano Score:0 hey, light is a Antihero!
edit edit
Kertnay Score:0 He acted how we all (read: a large portion) wish we could. Sad to see him on this side of the list.
edit edit

Third Year Cadet

Score:1 Yagami backwards... Read it...
edit edit
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