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Name Waifu of
Jibril Kiru
NTR'd 21426 times
Elma Eiki-sama
NTR'd 18509 times
Laura Bodewig Eiki-sama
NTR'd 15809 times
Asagi Igawa rpgguy999
NTR'd 13650 times
Rem vivaldin
NTR'd 10023 times
Kilia Jech rpgguy999
NTR'd 9489 times
Naomi Evans rpgguy999
NTR'd 9466 times
Nanami Aoyama Eiki-sama
NTR'd 8402 times
Sena Kashiwazaki Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 8249 times
Minamoto no Raikou rpgguy999
NTR'd 8057 times
Yuka Nakamura rpgguy999
NTR'd 8056 times
Flandre Scarlet Eiki-sama
NTR'd 8039 times
Sakura Igawa rpgguy999
NTR'd 7981 times
Satomi Fujino rpgguy999
NTR'd 7806 times
Charlotte Dunois Eiki-sama
NTR'd 7754 times
Kurumi Tokisaki Kiru
NTR'd 7172 times
Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere must_zen
NTR'd 6984 times
Kagami Hiiragi must_zen
NTR'd 6469 times
Rider Eiki-sama
NTR'd 6097 times
Annerose Vajra rpgguy999
NTR'd 5888 times
Kobato Hasegawa must_zen
NTR'd 5862 times
Ingrid DarkDrago
NTR'd 5831 times
Akeno Himejima DaZEROrk
NTR'd 5527 times
Nymph must_zen
NTR'd 5480 times
Maki Nishikino Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 5480 times
Kuroka Tassen
NTR'd 5474 times
Ako Tamaki lunarwaifu
NTR'd 5458 times
Murasaki Yatsu rpgguy999
NTR'd 5144 times
Nora Frykberg kickside444
NTR'd 5107 times
Rias Gremory DaZEROrk
NTR'd 5000 times
Fino Bloodstone Eiki-sama
NTR'd 4701 times
Rei Ayanami kickside444
NTR'd 4477 times
Claire Harvey SKyongmania
NTR'd 4449 times
Touka Kirishima mcross92
NTR'd 4346 times
Saeko Busujima YuriYuri
NTR'd 4284 times
Rossweisse Tassen
NTR'd 4235 times
Tornado of Terror Kisame13
NTR'd 4184 times
Mai Shiranui rpgguy999
NTR'd 4081 times
Tamamo-no-Mae Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 3986 times
Mercelida Ygvar DaZEROrk
NTR'd 3951 times
Frolaytia Capistrano DaZEROrk
NTR'd 3782 times
Stella Vermillion Kiru
NTR'd 3767 times
Irina Shidou Tassen
NTR'd 3695 times
Virgo kickside444
NTR'd 3663 times
Camilla Kiru
NTR'd 3652 times
Satanichia McDowell Kurumizawa ProbablyNotDad
NTR'd 3640 times
Coconut Kiru
NTR'd 3529 times
Rinko Akiyama rpgguy999
NTR'd 3518 times
Mt.Lady Kisame13
NTR'd 3465 times
Centorea Shianus Eiki-sama
NTR'd 3364 times
C.C. Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 3338 times
Liliruca Arde Eiki-sama
NTR'd 3310 times
Kanna Kamui Eiki-sama
NTR'd 3256 times
Olga Discordia rpgguy999
NTR'd 3228 times
Momoka Oginome kickside444
NTR'd 3212 times
Yuki Nagato must_zen
NTR'd 3201 times
Aki Nijou Tassen
NTR'd 3161 times
Mizuki Shiranui Kyo54
NTR'd 3091 times
Kanako Sumiyoshi Eiki-sama
NTR'd 3071 times
Erza Scarlet Chinesegirlcartoons
NTR'd 3070 times
Charlotte Hazelrink Tassen
NTR'd 3054 times
Grace Campbell RazberrySama
NTR'd 3045 times
Monika Eiki-sama
NTR'd 3042 times
Shizuka Marikawa Tassen
NTR'd 2876 times
Megumin Eiki-sama
NTR'd 2827 times
Oboro BloopSpud
NTR'd 2798 times
Carla Cromwell Kyo54
NTR'd 2790 times
Toyoe Asagiri Tassen
NTR'd 2778 times
Aishwarya Ray rpgguy999
NTR'd 2774 times
Riko Katsurahama Tassen
NTR'd 2763 times
Asuna Yuuki mcross92
NTR'd 2744 times
Houki Shinonono DaZEROrk
NTR'd 2726 times
Natsume Kuratsuki Tassen
NTR'd 2725 times
Nanako Kanbena Tassen
NTR'd 2723 times
Tharja Kiru
NTR'd 2723 times
Riisa Tatsumi Tassen
NTR'd 2723 times
Ayame Reikadou Tassen
NTR'd 2716 times
Minato Kurasaki Tassen
NTR'd 2713 times
Nanami Odera Tassen
NTR'd 2713 times
Miku Hatsune Kisame13
NTR'd 2693 times
Furano Yukihira DaZEROrk
NTR'd 2677 times
Beatrice Kushan rpgguy999
NTR'd 2674 times
Mizore Shirayuki PrinzFio
NTR'd 2664 times
Lieri Bishop rpgguy999
NTR'd 2657 times
Reiko Fuyuno rpgguy999
NTR'd 2649 times
Lucoa Tassen
NTR'd 2637 times
Mikan Yuuki must_zen
NTR'd 2586 times
Alicia Viewstream rpgguy999
NTR'd 2550 times
Seiko Kimura animeyonnaise
NTR'd 2496 times
Nodoka Miyazaki must_zen
NTR'd 2477 times
Marika Krishna rpgguy999
NTR'd 2451 times
Mei Misaki Froylan
NTR'd 2410 times
Touko von Messerschmidt hungphuockt
NTR'd 2407 times
Azuma Kamimura rpgguy999
NTR'd 2396 times
Sayoko Natsume rpgguy999
NTR'd 2395 times
Zero Two Aimee4
NTR'd 2394 times
Rushuna Tendo DaZEROrk
NTR'd 2327 times
Yuuko Sagiri Tassen
NTR'd 2308 times
Stephanie Dola Eiki-sama
NTR'd 2297 times
Chloe von Einzbern rpgguy999
NTR'd 2273 times

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