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Yuma Suzuki

VA : Masumi Asano

  • Image of Miyuki Ayukawa
  • Image of Yuma Suzuki
  • Image of Marguerite
  • Image of Hisahide Matsunaga
  • Image of Shalon
Ayano Sato

VA : Mamiko Noto

  • Image of Scathach
  • Image of Scathach (Assassin)
  • Image of Tiffania Westwood
  • Image of Rin Asogi
  • Image of Tomoe
Yuuichirou Odagiri

VA : Mitsuaki Madono

  • Image of Hajime Muroto
  • Image of Reishin Hong
  • Image of Dr. Clive
  • Image of Kon
  • Image of Harry Olson
Eriko Takahashi

VA : Hitomi Nabatame

  • Image of Raynare
  • Image of Liru
  • Image of Cryska Barchenowa
  • Image of Mikan
  • Image of Katsuie Shibata
Kyoko Himeji

VA : Kyoko Hikami

  • Image of Rabi~en~Rose
  • Image of Yoshiko Sahara
  • Image of Paninya
  • Image of Koharu Oozora
  • Image of Juli Bahana
Akari Kouda

VA : Satsuki Yukino

  • Image of Yoruichi Shihouin
  • Image of Tina Foster
  • Image of Maetel
  • Image of Tamao Ichinose
  • Image of Moor Hesse
Ikue Ogawa

VA : Sawa Ishige

  • Image of Zoe Orimoto
  • Image of Artemis
  • Image of Makoto Shido
  • Image of Ruri Kobayakawa
  • Image of Allison
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