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Sexe Couleur des yeux Taggé
Couleur des cheveux Noir Nom en Romaji
Year Longueur de cheveux au cou Role
Âge apparent Adolescent Oreilles de chat Non
Exact Hair Color Hair Color Highlight

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  • Image of Otome Saotome
  • Image of Yuuki Kawaragi
  • Image of Asako Nakamura
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  • Image of Hako Hitotsu
  • Image of Flonne Flamel
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  • Image of Yuna Nounen
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  • Image of Nino Nishijima
  • Image of Shun Imai
  • Image of Ritsu Karasumaru
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Couleur des yeux Couleur des cheveux Longueur de cheveux Âge apparent
Sexe Oreilles de chat
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Edward Elric FateScarlet Jul 5, 2015

Hahahahahahahahaha,you're hilarious!
I also love him,despite his height

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Honoo no Haramase Tenkousei bakaba Jul 24, 2014

Where is Tatsuya ?


3 3 Star Mouse Jul 1, 2015 / Jul 1, 2015 by Mitsugu Review length: Long

Who's This Character Board v2

Yesterday 09:28 pm
Who is this? View #19656
Yesterday 06:39 pm
Didn't know if this was NSFW or not, but I would be still happy to get the answer of who this is :3 NSFW (18+) View #19655
[ Replies: 1]
Yesterday 03:47 pm
Who is this? View #19654
[ Replies: 1]
Yesterday 03:46 pm
Who is this? View #19653
[ Replies: 1]
Yesterday 12:26 pm
Who is this? View #19652
[ Replies: 1]

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ExcelCore asks

Who is the better waifu? Who is the "best girl" in School prison?

Hana Midorikawa

Chiyo Kurihara

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