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Couleur des yeux Jaune Sexe Taggé
Couleur des cheveux Marron Femme Nom en Romaji
Longueur de cheveux A la poitrine Role
Âge apparent Adulte Oreilles de chat Non

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Couleur des yeux Couleur des cheveux Longueur de cheveux Âge apparent
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Killua Zoldyck Anonymous

I love him!!!! He is so cute!!!

Mar 26, 2014

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Hatsukoi 1/1 Anonymous

Je ne trouve pas la série, quelqu'un peut me la passé ?

Dec 28, 2013

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2 2 Star Pupa Yesterday 10:11 pm / 12:14 am by AmaterasuWings Review length: Long

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<Akikojam> Ah, yes, I remember now why I stopped playing that game...

04:12 pm
<Akikojam> I wish it wouldn't take half an hour just to connect to a district server despite 34 ping

04:11 pm
<Akikojam> Okay, I started a new enforcer on Eu1, named her Shaoren. My old character is also on Eu1 and is named Koumori.

02:23 pm
<Akikojam> I've been thinking I need something new. Of course, I like the ones I usually use though.

02:16 pm
<Akikojam> Oh...

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07:22 am
<AsukaRyuu> aye

Apr 17, 2014
<Rei> Just made an A-Z Character Name Chart to help with finding characters.

Apr 16, 2014
<Misty_Dreams> I dislike cyberbullies -_-,

Apr 15, 2014
<kyleoconnor> No one likes bullies. :( ACDB is for anime, not for cyberbullying.

Apr 15, 2014
<Aqua> Hi

Apr 14, 2014
<Misty_Dreams> Is Black cats a good anime?

Apr 12, 2014
<Rei> Yes, click Images in the main menu

Apr 11, 2014
<Kevinhoekstra587> IS there a way to find out what character got a new image?

Apr 8, 2014
<AniahLiepard> Lol that was a mouthful (at the end)

Apr 3, 2014
<Mitsugu> Notice to all: Please don't forget to mark your char submissions as 'Ready for Moderation'... Thank you for noticing this notice, and your noticing of this notice will be noted.

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