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Riza Hawkeye planeten Jun 20, 2015

the one and only who can tame Roy xD


3 3 Star Makura no Danshi Yesterday 08:25 pm / Yesterday 08:25 pm by AmaterasuWings Review length: Long
Yesterday 11:52 pm
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Yesterday 11:50 pm
Who is this? View #21586
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Yesterday 11:05 pm
Who is this? View #21585
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Yesterday 10:47 pm
Who is this? View #21584
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Yesterday 09:32 pm
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Bailey asks

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Medaka Kurokami


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<LiCobra> Also, you're an idiot XDDD

12:26 am
<LiCobra> Granola drinking that much milk would make anyone sick

12:24 am
<OMGasm> lol i remember recently drinking half a 2l bottle of chocolate milk... was not a fun night <_<
i don't even have lactose intolerance that i'm aware of D:

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<LiCobra> k, night 13. Hope you feel better in the morning :3


12:24 am

Oct 2, 2015
<Rei> Hi

Oct 2, 2015
<jade15> hello

Oct 2, 2015
<Rei> The VA tab for series now has more info

For each character, it'll pull up the last 7 characters ordered by page rank that the VA did

Oct 1, 2015
<Rei> Awesome! I'm happy to hear that Wings. Cirno picked a great one to make a banner for

Oct 1, 2015
<AmaterasuWings> OMG love the new banner, it's one of my favorite anime!

Sep 30, 2015
<cutie> Ok what ever totes your goats

Sep 29, 2015
<NuitTombee> Just wanted to use a cute Onion Head emote.

Sep 29, 2015
<cutie> Why so happy?

Sep 28, 2015


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