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Mighty Goddess Kohitsuji-Sama CheeChan Sep 30, 2017 (Edit)
Welcome to the Oneiroi-Lullaby Guild! Oneiroi is greek for Dreams, a group of greek gods and goddesses who rule areas in the dream realm. You're probably wondering why I picked this name.
Well, its simple, we all dream to be in a specific anime or be with a specific character, when you're the ruler of dreams you can have all of that! Which means you fight to win your beloved husbando or waifu from other guilds who desires to have them, and what better way to fight then to fight them in their dreams? In this guild you can invest your guild coins into our guild and buy your beloved character!
LEFT Ai Sep 30, 2017 (Edit)
Thank you for the welcome, LittleLamb. That is a nice analogy.
Mighty Goddess Kohitsuji-Sama CheeChan Sep 30, 2017 (Edit)
Thank you! I've always been interested in greek mythology! My parent's even named me after a greek goddess!
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