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  • Evil Hunter Association
  • DXD
  • Oppai Appreciation Guild
  • Flat is JUSTICE!
  • The Interplanetary Library of Fate
  • VN Guild
  • Blade and Soul (China)
  • Aura Kingdom
  • Rainbow Lovers
  • Panda Guild
  • Maui's wise quotes
  • Diabolik Lovers fansssss
  • Minor Character Appreciation Guild
  • Generation of New Otaku Orders
  • Radioactive Club
  • Role-Play Guild
  • Otaku forever (/^.^)/
  • Angeloid
  • ~Dragonscale Guild~
  • Anime Boys

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flag ACDB Guilds 8 Middle Earth Realm
Official ACDB Guild for discussing ACDB and ACDB Guilds
flag Evil Hunter Association 16 Lower Realm Realm
Allergy warning: May contain spoilers.
Mostly just a Hunter x Hunter fan guild, but also hunt various other hunt-worthy stuff.
flag DXD 67 Lower Realm Realm
A Guild for fans of High School DxD
flag Oppai Appreciation Guild 217 Upper Realm Realm
This is the O.A.G. Oppai Appreciation Guild.
Those of you out there that know from yourselves that you truly appreciate Oppai will be more than welcome to join us.
Remember that Oppai are a divine blessing brought to our world by the heavens and for that reason the Oppai Appreciation Guild is in the upper realm!
flag Flat is JUSTICE! 189 Middle Earth Realm
Loli Loli Loli Loli!
Here in the Middle Earth we will show everyone that Flat is indeed JUSTICE!
It is us the brave Loli-knights that fight for this justice and we are willing to give everything for it.
Loli Loli Loli Loli!
flag The Interplanetary Library of Fate 14 Outer Realm Realm
Here lies the knowledge that is gathered at the zenith of time, space, life, and death. Fate can be changed in such a grand spectrum. Man's lives are in our hands.
flag VOCALOID 36 Upper Realm Realm
Year of the Miku!
flag VN Guild 24 Lower Realm Realm
A guild for those, who play Eroge or just Visual Novels in general.
flag Blade and Soul (China) 3 Upper Realm Realm
For those interested in, or currently playing the Chinese beta of Blade and Soul.
flag Aura Kingdom 12 Upper Realm Realm
A guild for members of ACDB that play Aura Kingdom. The game is hosted here.

For information about classes and pets, check here
flag Rainbow Lovers 71 Upper Realm Realm
A guild where everyone can spread their love of rainbows to all!
flag Panda Guild 13 Middle Earth Realm
World domination of the pandas!
flag Anime, Manga, Fanfiction, Video Games - Otaku World 10 Lower Realm Realm
In this guild members post about anime shows,fanfiction stories, mangas, and video games that they think everyone should watch and read.
flag Maui's wise quotes 7 Middle Earth Realm
These are just a bunch of my random quotes.
flag Diabolik Lovers fansssss 10 Outer Realm Realm
4 all Diabolik lovers fans! :3
flag Sword Art Online 31 Middle Earth Realm
Anybody welcome! =D
flag Minor Character Appreciation Guild 53 Middle Earth Realm
So, an anime or game has a bunch of heroines, some nice, some annoying. Cool. But what about this cute girl/epic dude? Just a minor character. Barely any interaction, no scenes, maybe even dies in one of the first episodes. Not cool.
Basically, this is a guild for those who don't only pay attention to the main characters, but can appreciate minor ones.
flag Card Maker Guild 13 Subspace Realm Realm
A guild that will function as a workshop for making cards. You can use forums and gallery to start coop projects with other members or post sets for evaluation.
flag Generation of New Otaku Orders 7 Middle Earth Realm
a new generations of Otaku that stands against bootlegs and other shameful thing that they throw against all Otaku. all kinds of Otaku are allowed to join ...
flag Traps for the win!!! 2 Middle Earth Realm
Diese Gilde ist für alle Traps da.
flag Radioactive Club 5 Lower Realm Realm
The Radioactive Club is a club were you can talk about what you want Like anime,manga,etc
flag Role-Play Guild 55 Outer Realm Realm
Make your character and choose your fate

Join our epic role-play guild!
flag Otaku forever (/^.^)/ 24 Lower Realm Realm
This guild is for people who love anime and manga. We will probably have times where we give each other new animes to watch.
flag Angeloid 7 Upper Realm Realm
A guild for people who like sora no otoshimono (Heavens lost property)
flag Frozen Dreams 4 Upper Realm Realm
Contains anything Frozen... Please join ppl...
flag Lamia 2 Outer Realm Realm
No Description
flag Zombie Killers 2 Lower Realm Realm
No Description
flag Temple of Seiyus 2 Upper Realm Realm
A guild devoted to the great lords of eargasm.
flag ~Dragonscale Guild~ 3 Lower Realm Realm
~~~~??? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
flag Anime Boys 34 Middle Earth Realm
A guild for all those who love anime guys!!
Anyone can join!

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Outer Realm
The Unknown, ruled by Space Lords
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Upper Realm
The Heavens, ruled by dieties
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Middle Earth
The Land of Man, ruled by Kings and Queens
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Lower Realm
The Land of Dead, ruled by Demon Lords
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Subspace Realm
Pocket Realms, ruled by Arch Mages

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