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There is a growing epidemic of poorly and improperly submitted characters, I have written this is a step by step walk-through to adding characters to ease the burden on administrators, and prevent several common mistakes from endlessly continuing....

Character Moderating: A Beginner’s Guide

This simple how to guide has been written to alleviate careless character submission errors while instructing Administrators how to properly moderate pending character submissions.
---For demonstrational purposes I've altered a single char submission, the original was fine the way it was.

Admin= Administrator
Char= Character
Mod= Moderate/Modify

Section A: Name:
All caps... Just because another website has a Char's name doesn't mean it should be hear. Title case please, shit also goes foe all of you who can't be bothered by capitalizing the first letters of a name. Many individuals will just copy and paste the Char name... This is fine, but some will copy and paste extra spaces at the same time. Though I haven't notice this interfere with the search function, it can.


Section B: Japanese Name: This is for Japanese script(Kanji), if not available then Hiragana or Furigana(phonetic spelling) are acceptable. I you have both than please enter them in the following format with the Furigana or Hiragana in parentheses:
Tomomi Toudou:
藤堂 知美(とうどう ともみ)

The biggest problem here is many will copy and paste the JP script in parentheses... WHY!?

You wouldn't do that why filling out an application, or standardize test, so why here?

Section C: Assignment You don't enter the name of the Series/Game/OVA here, instead you must find the Series ID number(if you didn't already click the 'Add Char' link on the series’ page in question). Go to the Series/Game/OVA page and you will find the ID# in the page address here:
This is critically important: Do Not Leave Blank! leaving it blank will result in arbitrary rejection.

Section D: URL Reference: This is where most problems arise, Mods prefer EN sites, but it’s not required. Myanimelist, Wikki, Animesearch, as well as the series home page(as long as it's not the company sales page) are just fine. Always include a Url Ref link, Admins don't always mod in order, and we do work together on the same mass of submissions. When you submit many at once from the same Series/Game/OVA and only include the url link, said link can and may get lost, resulting in confusion. Also from time to time we mods may have a large amount of chars to mod, so make sure your Url Ref link is to the actual character page and not to a listing of many.
**Plus I only know of only one Admin kind enough to do the leg work of verifying a submission with no ref link.**
In addition, avoid the following mistakes when selecting a reference site:
ACDB cannot be used! Just because it is not in the archive, does NOT prove the char is real.
Photobucket: and other image hosting sites are invalid. If I were to upload a picture of my posterior, and label it 'Claudia Black's Buttocks' doesn't make it true.
Fan sites: same reason as Image hosts.
Comercial Sales Sites: ACDB is not a pay service, and cannot post links to commercial sites as such.
Google searches: Google is NOT an anime homepage.

Section E: Character Image: And here' where things really fall apart. Many claim to never know the minimum image is 200x200 pixels, and/or where it expressly says that... at the bottom of the Add Character page, and since no one ever looks, here you are:
The image MUST be of an animated character of well known origin. Such as Anime, Manga, and Game characters.
The image MUST be in color.
The image MUST be PG-13. No nudity or sexual content.
The image SHOULD have a width no less than 200px and no more than 800px.
The image SHOULD have a height of no less than 200px and no more than 800px.
The image SHOULD fully show all traits (eye color, hair length, hair color, etc).
The image CAN be an alternative version of a character (different age, hair color, eye color, etc).

Further Reading (become a pro in 10mins):
How To Guide / Help by Rei
Adding Characters by LiCobra

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