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ID 63996
登場作品名 Hunter x Hunter (2011)
作品形式 アニメ
声優 Mamoru Miyano, 宮野真守, みやの まもる
Tags sleek hair, open shirt, muscular, coat, fur, facial mark, pants, earrings, cross
Birthday November 15
Sign Scorpio ♏
Uploaded by romeoalpha


Chrollo Lucilfer is a character from the anime Hunter x Hunter (2011).
They have been indexed as 男性 大人 with 黒 eyes and 黒 hair that is 首まで length.



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"We want to have a party, but there's no cake. We need a special order to place on the center of the table... When we get it, we'll get back together and dine on that table. Bring me Hisoka's head...!!"
"You can't kill me. You left your precious friends behind. This wasn't even in my fortune. That means it wasn't worth mentioning. This situation is insignificant."[
"I believe that we have a soul. So I want to fulfill my dead friend's wish... to wreak havoc."
"I don't know. It might be because they have nothing to do with me. When I'm asked like that it's hard to answer. I don't much like to talk about my motives. But surprisingly... or rather, as I expected... The reason is the key in understanding myself..."
"I don't consider Judas to be a traitor. They say Judas sold Jesus over for 30 silver coins. How much would this traitor sell us out for? Think about it. What would he gain by selling us to the Mafia? Money? Fame? Status? Would that really gratify any one of us."

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Bandit’s Secret
Chrollo's Nen ability allows him to steal the Nen ability of other people to use them as his own through a conjured book known as the "Bandit's Secret." The theft victim, of course, no longer has access to their stolen ability. The theft happens under strict conditions.
Sep 30, 2020 Vrokzender
Double Face (bookmark)
This bookmark allows Chrollo to maintain access to any ability on the page it is placed, even if the book is closed and he is not touching it, circumventing one of the conditions placed on Bandit’s Secret. With both hands now free, Chrollo can now use hand-to-hand combat in conjunction with his stolen abilities. Furthermore, if Chrollo keeps the book open to a particular page and a bookmark on a different page, he could be using two stolen abilities at once. The bookmark is not a stolen ability but to belong to the book.
Sep 30, 2020 Vrokzender



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Chrollo Lucilfer クロロ=ルシルフル Image of Chrollo Lucilfer Anime Character 9 Hunter x Hunter (2011)


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