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ID 70210
Wealth Rubies 9
登場作品名 Assassination Classroom
作品形式 アニメ
声優 Jun Fukuyama, 福山潤, ふくやま じゅん
声優 Sonny Strait , Don Strait, Kul Das
Tags octopus, yellow skin, alien, teacher, hat, tie
Birthday March 13
Sign Pisces ♓
Uploaded by AmaterasuWings


Koro-sensei is a character from the anime Assassination Classroom.
Due to being indexed as a Non-Human character type, they do not have visual traits assigned.



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Then what are you waiting for? (0:21:27.32)
All right. (0:01:33.15)
I'm more concerned about you putting a classmate's eyes out. (0:02:48.48)
are responsible for this, aren't you? (0:18:17.49)
Nakamura-san. (0:08:33.24)
If you don't like that idea,
what do you plan to do about it?
Correct! (0:05:06.64)
Didn't I tell you to be more inventive? (0:16:46.90)
Nice to meet you. (0:06:25.36)

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