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Cardinal : Under the rule of the absolute Administrator,
this world entered a long period of peace and idleness.
Cardinal : But 70 years after Quinella became Administrator, (0:00:09.90)
Cardinal : she became aware
that she had undergone some kind of change.
Cardinal : To her astonishment, her soul's capacity
for preserving her memories had reached its limit.
Cardinal : But this only drove her to come up
with yet another demonic solution.
Quinella : I appreciate your coming here. (0:00:40.18)
Quinella : Now, this way. (0:00:43.48)
EXTRA : Yes, ma'am. (0:00:45.94)
Quinella : If I can copy my own Fluctlight's thoughts
and memories by overwriting this child's Fluctlight...
Quinella : Close your eyes. (0:00:55.82)
Cardinal : And so Administrator,
through this diabolical ceremony...
Cardinal : the Synthesis Ritual, a secret technique
signifying the fusing of soul and memory,
Cardinal : finally succeeded in seizing control
of another's Fluctlight.
Cardinal : But that ended up being Administrator's...
no, Quinella's mistake.
Kirito : Mistake? (0:01:21.43)
Cardinal : That's right. (0:01:22.85)
Cardinal : Because after she'd taken over the young girl,
for the split second that she disposed of her previous self,
Cardinal : she and the girl had become
two gods wielding equal authority.
Cardinal : Kirito, you're familiar with my original version,
are you not?
Cardinal : Tell me the features of the Cardinal System. (0:01:39.99)
Kirito : Um... (0:01:42.99)
Kirito : To operate over an extended period of time
without any adjustments or maintenance by humans?
Cardinal : Correct. (0:01:49.96)
Cardinal : To achieve that, the Cardinal System
has two core programs, a main and sub.
Cardinal : While the main process performs balance controls... (0:01:57.93)
Kirito : The subprocess does an error-check of the main. (0:02:01.64)
Cardinal : That's right. (0:02:04.89)
Cardinal : It wasn't just the preservation of order
Quinella had etched into her own Fluctlight.
Cardinal : Deep inside her soul,
I had this thought as her subprocess...
Cardinal : "I must correct this woman's errors." (0:02:19.49)
Cardinal : I... I steadfastly waited for that moment. (0:02:25.29)
Cardinal : For 70 long years! (0:02:31.08)
EXTRA : Ruler and Mediator (0:04:03.97)
Quinella : And now, this child's Fluctlight is mine. (0:04:12.31)
Cardinal : System Call. (0:04:16.94)
Cardinal : Generate Luminous Element. (0:04:19.15)
Cardinal : Lightning Shape. (0:04:21.40)
Cardinal : Discharge! (0:04:23.07)
Quinella : What? (0:04:24.45)
Cardinal : System Call! (0:04:27.58)
Quinella : Generate Luminous Element! (0:04:30.87)
Quinella : System Call! Generate Umbra Element. Ball Shape! (0:04:32.41)
Quinella : - Discharge!
- Discharge!
Cardinal : - Discharge!
- Discharge!
Quinella : System Call! Redefinition Object! (0:04:41.21)
Quinella : Sword Class! (0:04:46.39)
Cardinal : System Call. Redefinition Object! Rod Class! (0:04:48.43)
Quinella : System Call! Change Field Attribution! (0:04:53.35)
Cardinal : Impossible. (0:05:00.27)
Cardinal : She made this a restricted area
for System Commands?
Cardinal : I can't defeat her in this body. (0:05:19.96)
Cardinal : System Call! Generate Aerial Element! (0:05:35.98)
Cardinal : Stream Shape! (0:05:39.61)
Cardinal : There are just two locations in this world
that even Administrator can't control.
Cardinal : One is the other side of the End Mountains. (0:05:49.45)
Cardinal : And the other is... (0:05:53.12)
Cardinal : System Call! (0:05:57.67)
Cardinal : Generate Blizzard Gate... Zero One! (0:05:59.54)
Cardinal : ...the Great Library! (0:06:04.67)
Cardinal : In that instant, this place was completely isolated
from the outside world.
Cardinal : In the 200 years since, I immersed myself
in nothing but observation and deliberation,
Cardinal : working on a plan that would allow me
to strike back against Administrator.
Cardinal : But she anticipated my ambush
and assembled a retinue of loyal and powerful followers.
Quinella : Through the Synthesis Ritual,
this man will be reborn.
Quinella : As the ultimate warrior,
a Integrity Knight swearing absolute fealty!
Cardinal : The first to become an Integrity Knight (0:06:46.13)
Cardinal : was a true hero known as an extraordinary swordsman
who hated the church's rule,
Cardinal : who, with his comrades, made his way
to a remote region and founded his own village.
Cardinal : The name of that knight was Bercouli Synthesis One. (0:06:59.60)
Cardinal : Administrator and I are nearly on equal footing
in one-on-one combat.
Cardinal : But with the situation changed,
it became clear that I also needed a collaborator.
Cardinal : I tried to find that collaborator, no matter the risk. (0:07:17.29)
Cardinal : Each time, I would open a door
as far away as possible,
Cardinal : I would cast Sensory Sharing and other arts
onto the nearby birds and insects,
Cardinal : and release them all over the world. (0:07:30.09)
Cardinal : See. (0:07:38.18)
Cardinal : Her name is Charlotte. (0:07:40.48)
Cardinal : She's been observing the two of you
ever since you left Rulid Village.
Cardinal : From time to time, she did more than just watch. (0:07:48.23)
Kirito : She guided us when we were running
from the Integrity Knight?
Kirito : Th-That's right! (0:07:57.08)
Kirito : When all my zephilia buds were cut off,
was it you who encouraged me?
Cardinal : Charlotte's the most ancient of the observation units
that I enchanted and released into the world.
Cardinal : Her long, long mission
is finally coming to an end, now, eh?
Cardinal : Since I froze the degradation of her life,
I've had her working for me for more than 200 years.
Kirito : Thank you. (0:08:25.73)
Kirito : So you've been searching for a human collaborator
while barricaded in this Great Library for over 200 years?
Cardinal : Indeed. But as I observed this world,
even I couldn't figure it out.
Cardinal : Why would the gods of the outside world turn a blind eye
to the tyranny of this fake god, Administrator?
Cardinal : As I pondered, and referred to the database
stored inside the Cardinal System,
Cardinal : I arrived at one conclusion. (0:08:57.76)
Cardinal : That the true god, Rath, doesn't wish
for the people of this world to lead happy lives.
Cardinal : Quite the opposite, in fact. (0:09:08.86)
Cardinal : They're observing how the people will resist
as they slowly tighten a vise about them.
Cardinal : That load is increasing by the day, (0:09:19.70)
Cardinal : until eventually, the greatest trial of all,
the final phase of the load test will arrive.
Kirito : Final phase? (0:09:27.63)
Cardinal : You know it well yourself...
what lies outside the realm of humanity.
Kirito : The Dark Territory. (0:09:34.67)
Cardinal : Correct. That world of darkness was created
to subject the people to the ultimate agony.
Cardinal : The monsters who have Fluctlights like humans,
except for their greater impulse to slaughter and plunder.
Cardinal : They can hardly wait to invade the realm of humanity,
and commit atrocity upon atrocity.
Cardinal : Most likely, that day isn't too far off. (0:09:57.74)
Kirito : Is Administrator aware of that? (0:10:01.74)
Cardinal : She underestimates the forces of darkness, (0:10:04.70)
Cardinal : convinced that she and her Integrity Knights alone
can repulse them.
Cardinal : She even had the guardian dragons
of the north, south, east, and west slain,
Cardinal : despite their valuable fighting power,
because she couldn't exert control over them.
Cardinal : But it's not possible for them
to defeat the forces of darkness on their own.
Cardinal : Their overall numbers are too few. (0:10:26.73)
Kirito : But doesn't that mean
that whether or not you defeat Administrator,
Kirito : the path this world is destined to take
will stay the same?
Cardinal : That's correct. (0:10:37.36)
Cardinal : At this point, I have no way of stopping the invasion
from the Dark Territory.
Kirito : In other words, once you've attained your objective, (0:10:45.87)
Kirito : you couldn't care less
what happens to this world afterwards?
Kirito : Is that what you're saying? Cardinal? (0:10:52.50)
Cardinal : Perhaps I am. (0:10:57.09)
Cardinal : However, I... (0:11:00.63)
Cardinal : For having engineered the end of the world... (0:11:03.10)
Cardinal : I will never accept a god like Rath! (0:11:06.68)
Cardinal : Therefore, I arrived at the only possible conclusion. (0:11:09.35)
Cardinal : That I would return the Underworld, both
the human realm and the Dark Territory, to nothingness.
Kirito : Return it... to nothingness? (0:11:21.28)
Cardinal : Just what I said. (0:11:23.28)
Cardinal : I'm going to delete every Fluctlight
stored in the Lightcube Cluster.
Cardinal : Of every last resident of both
the realms of humanity and darkness.
Cardinal : Kirito. (0:11:35.96)
Cardinal : If, with your help, I'm able to eliminate Administrator,
and regain all my authority,
Cardinal : then, before I extinguish this world,
I'll grant you a wish, to a degree.
Cardinal : If there are people you'd like to save, (0:11:48.77)
Cardinal : I won't delete their Fluctlights,
and leave them archived instead.
Cardinal : I believe it should be possible,
after you've escaped to the outside world,
Cardinal : for you to secure the Lightcubes of ten or so. (0:12:04.45)
Kirito : I... I... (0:12:11.00)
Kirito : Cardinal. (0:12:14.08)
Kirito : You just told me that your soul
was a copy of Quinella's, right?
Kirito : Then that means that the pure blood of the nobles
flows in your veins as well.
Kirito : The genes of those
who seek their own profit and desires.
Kirito : So why didn't you abandon everything
and try to escape?
Kirito : Why would you continue to wait alone
in a place like this for 200 years?
Cardinal : For me, as the Cardinal subprocess,
all profit and all desires amount to just one thing.
Cardinal : Eliminating Administrator and normalizing the world. (0:12:46.53)
Cardinal : In my eyes, a normalized world is no longer possible
unless it's returned to complete nothingness.
Cardinal : Therefore... Therefore, I... (0:12:58.42)
Cardinal : No, perhaps I'm wrong. (0:13:02.59)
Cardinal : Even I have a desire. Just one... (0:13:05.13)
Cardinal : In the last 200 years,
there was something I was desperate to know.
Cardinal : Hey, Kirito. Stand up, too. (0:13:14.27)
Cardinal : That should do it. (0:13:27.57)
Cardinal : Hey, Kirito, come over here. (0:13:28.95)
Cardinal : Come closer. (0:13:33.45)
Cardinal : No complaining. (0:13:35.50)
Cardinal : Raise both arms. (0:13:40.50)
Kirito : Like this? (0:13:42.09)
Cardinal : Hold them in front of you and make a circle. (0:13:43.34)
Cardinal : Really! Do I have to spell it out for you? (0:13:48.43)
Cardinal : I see. So this is... (0:13:58.44)
Cardinal : This is what it means to be human, huh? (0:14:02.02)
Cardinal : So warm. (0:14:11.66)
Cardinal : At last, I feel rewarded. (0:14:13.29)
Cardinal : Those 200 years I spent weren't in vain. (0:14:16.08)
Cardinal : Just discovering this warmth
is enough to satisfy me.
Cardinal : I feel rewarded... more than enough. (0:14:25.59)
Cardinal : How long are you planning to stand there in a daze? (0:14:40.02)
Kirito : No way. (0:14:43.36)
Cardinal : So? Have you made a decision? (0:14:45.28)
Cardinal : Are you going to accept my proposal, or reject it? (0:14:49.41)
Kirito : All right. (0:14:54.33)
Kirito : I'll take part in your plan. But... (0:14:55.91)
Kirito : But I'm not going to stop thinking about it. (0:14:59.71)
Kirito : I'm going to keep searching for a way. (0:15:03.50)
Kirito : A solution to somehow avoid tragedy
and allow this world to survive peacefully.
Cardinal : Geez, what an absurdly optimistic person you are. (0:15:12.34)
Kirito : After all, I don't want you to disappear, either. (0:15:15.60)
Kirito : When you tell me to pick ten people,
you'll definitely be among them.
Cardinal : And you're also a fool. (0:15:27.78)
Cardinal : Who's going to extinguish this world if I escape? (0:15:30.20)
Kirito : Hey, I'm just saying that I understand the situation,
but I won't give up on struggling in vain!
Cardinal : One day, you too will know the bitterness of giving up. (0:15:43.54)
Cardinal : Not of coming up short
after giving your all,
Cardinal : but of being forced
to accept the likelihood that you'll fail.
Kirito : Thanks for waiting! (0:16:06.02)
Kirito : Sorry we left you on your own. (0:16:08.44)
Eugeo : Kirito! And also, um... (0:16:09.99)
Kirito : Yeah, this person, Cardinal was banished
by the current pontifex, Administrator,
Kirito : and she used to be another pontifex. (0:16:20.33)
Eugeo : Pontifex? (0:16:22.41)
Kirito : She's going to help us fight the Integrity Knights. (0:16:24.33)
Eugeo : H-Help? (0:16:28.00)
Kirito : Yeah, she has a goal to defeat Administrator
and regain her status as pontifex.
Kirito : So... well, I guess that means we're joining forces. (0:16:36.60)
Cardinal : Indeed. (0:16:40.47)
Eugeo : Then do you know if Alice...
the Integrity Knight, Alice Synthesis Thirty,
Eugeo : is the same person
as Alice Zuberg from Rulid?
Cardinal : I'm sorry, but the information I can access here
is extremely limited.
Cardinal : I do know that an Integrity Knight named Alice
was indeed born, but...
Cardinal : However, what I can do is tell you how to reverse
the Synthesis Ritual for producing Integrity Knights.
Eugeo : How do we do that? (0:17:08.71)
Cardinal : Simply remove the Piety Module
embedded in their foreheads.
Cardinal : It looks like a triangular prism. (0:17:15.18)
Eugeo : Like the one we saw... (0:17:18.10)
Cardinal : The Piety Module is inserted in a way
that blocks links to memories.
Cardinal : This seals away the past
of the person becoming an Integrity Knight,
Cardinal : while simultaneously forcing absolute fealty
to the Axiom Church and the pontifex.
Kirito : In other words, to break the spell we have to
jog the Integrity Knight's memories of their past, huh?
Cardinal : That alone wouldn't be enough. (0:17:40.66)
Cardinal : There's one more thing that's absolutely necessary. (0:17:43.04)
Eugeo : Wh-What's that? (0:17:46.17)
Cardinal : What originally existed
where the module's been embedded.
Cardinal : In other words, the memory fragment
most valued by the Integrity Knight.
Cardinal : Administrator's a cautious woman. (0:17:58.80)
Cardinal : The memory fragments extracted from these knights
are without a doubt stored in her chambers...
Cardinal : on the top floor of the Central Cathedral. (0:18:08.06)
Kirito : You mean... (0:18:11.77)
Kirito : to restore an Integrity Knight to their former state,
we'll need the stolen memory fragment.
Kirito : But to get our hands on it,
we'll have to breach the knights' defenses
Kirito : and somehow make our way to the top floor
where Administrator is.
Cardinal : Don't be so naive as to think you can
defeat an Integrity Knight without killing them.
Cardinal : The most I can do for you is to provide you
with equipment equal to that of the Integrity Knights.
Cardinal : The rest depends on
whether you're able to fight your best.
Eugeo : But what if Alice is the one who shows up? (0:18:45.18)
Eugeo : I can't bring myself to fight her. (0:18:48.06)
Eugeo : I came all this way to get Alice back! (0:18:49.94)
Cardinal : Indeed. You have a point. (0:18:54.44)
Cardinal : Eugeo, I understand your goal. (0:18:57.32)
Cardinal : Fine. Should Integrity Knight Alice be the one
standing in your way, then use this.
Kirito : What is it? (0:19:11.04)
Cardinal : Whoever is stabbed with this dagger will be linked to me
by an inseverable connection.
Cardinal : Meaning that any sacred arts I use
will affect her without fail.
Cardinal : Eugeo, use this to stab anywhere
on Integrity Knight Alice's body.
Cardinal : In that instant, I'll send Alice into a deep sleep
using my sacred arts.
Cardinal : Until you've regained her memories
and are prepared to remove the Synthesis.
Eugeo : Understood.
If I can't talk sense into Alice, I'll use this.
Cardinal : I originally created it to use against Administrator, (0:19:45.95)
Cardinal : and kept another one as a spare, but well...
if you can succeed on your first try, it should be fine.
Kirito : That's a huge responsibility. (0:19:55.79)
Kirito : What you just said, "equipment equal to that
of the Integrity Knights," did you mean...
Cardinal : You and Eugeo have your own powerful swords,
don't you?
Cardinal : I'm going to help you get them back. (0:20:07.68)
Eugeo : You mean my Blue Rose Sword
and Kirito's black one?
Cardinal : I'm quite certain that your swords are being stored
in the armory on the third floor of the cathedral.
Kirito : By the way,
what floor are Administrator's chambers on?
Cardinal : The Central Cathedral grows by the year, so... (0:20:26.33)
Cardinal : it should've reached 100 floors by now. (0:20:30.58)
Cardinal : Unfortunately, there's one more thing you need to do. (0:20:34.83)
Kirito : Wh-What is it? (0:20:39.38)
Cardinal : I know you two have powerful swords, (0:20:40.55)
Cardinal : but that alone won't be enough
to bring down the Integrity Knights.
Cardinal : That's because they have the terrifying technique
of amplifying their weapons' abilities multiple times.
Eugeo : Do you mean the Perfect Weapon Control Art? (0:20:52.98)
Cardinal : Weapons of the Divine Object class take on
the properties of the object they're fashioned from.
Cardinal : By fully releasing a weapon's memories,
so to speak,
Cardinal : the Perfect Control Art realizes offensive powers
more potent than normally possible.
Cardinal : Both of you close your eyes and think of your sword. (0:21:13.16)
Cardinal : All right, that's enough. (0:21:50.91)
Cardinal : There. (0:21:59.00)
Cardinal : Memorize that thoroughly. (0:22:03.67)
Cardinal : Eugeo... and Kirito. (0:22:14.10)
Cardinal : The fate of the world rests on you. (0:22:17.14)
Cardinal : Whether it's engulfed in hellfire,
or sinks into nothingness.
Cardinal : Or perhaps you'll find a third path. (0:22:26.53)
Cardinal : I've told you all that I can tell, (0:22:29.57)
Cardinal : and given you all that I can give. (0:22:32.58)
Cardinal : All you have to do now
is follow the path you believe in.
Eugeo : Thank you very much, Ms. Cardinal. (0:22:39.25)
Eugeo : I'll definitely get to the top of the cathedral (0:22:42.17)
Eugeo : and restore Alice back to who she was. (0:22:45.13)
Cardinal : Now... (0:22:55.77)
Cardinal : Go! (0:22:57.98)
Kirito : Next time: The Crimson Knight. (0:23:36.60)

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