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flag Waifu Warriors 48 Middle Earth Realm
We fight for the ones we love
Since most waifus live on Earth or Earth-like locations choosing Middle Earth seemed the most logical
flag Hero's Guild 25 Upper Realm Realm
A guild primarily focused on buying up Hero characters on ACDB !

And a place to chat and discus anime hero's!
flag 4 Subspace Realm Realm
web page for dating waifus
flag Mistiviarune 1 Lower Realm Realm
A shadowy guild that serves the dark side.
flag DXD 75 Lower Realm Realm
A Guild for fans of High School DxD
flag Flat is JUSTICE! 215 Middle Earth Realm
Loli Loli Loli Loli!
Here in the Middle Earth we will show everyone that Flat is indeed JUSTICE!
It is us the brave Loli-knights that fight for this justice and we are willing to give everything for it.
Loli Loli Loli Loli!
flag World of Warcraft 1 Outer Realm Realm
Place to share WoW screenshots
flag Dangerous Girls 4 Upper Realm Realm
You like girls?
You like action?
You like guns?
You like swords?
Join us!! You like Dangerous Girls!
flag DDLC Guild 6 Upper Realm Realm
Just Monika
flag Fairytail 19 Middle Earth Realm
Anyone is welcome! You all know the famous Fairytail guild. This is a fanbased guild, not just for that anime. We'd love to hear what you favorite anime's are, and hear why you love them so much! This guild is great for anyone who wants to fangirl along with one another, make friends with people who have similar anime interests, or to just chat! We'd love to have you along for the ride, so don't be shy!
flag Babies club 1 Outer Realm Realm
flag My hero waifu's and husbano's 2 Upper Realm Realm
This gulid is mainly just for fun. Let's all have fun with these husbano's and waifus
flag Shota Hunters 3 Upper Realm Realm
We find, we claim, we cuddle.
flag The Hakurei Axis 22 Upper Realm Realm
A guild for appreciating Reimu Hakurei.
flag Oppai without banners 24 Upper Realm Realm
Boobs, boobs, boobs.
Who doesn't love them.
We love them so much that they have been given many names.
Breasts, Cans, Jugs, Knockers, Tits, "The Girls", and Milk Duds just to name a few.
So come on in if you are an Oppai enthusiast.
flag Kyonyuu Heaven 50 Upper Realm Realm
This guild is focused on the big-breasted female characters; here you can see pictures, vote for your favorites and collect them. These goddesses which give our life joy and pleasure should be adored, so this guild is in the Kingdom of Heaven.
flag ≻Video_Games_ 39 Outer Realm Realm
Do you like video games? Yep, me too.
Here we dwell in the activity of studying the beauty of video games and the technology involved.

P.S. You don't have to play a lot of video games to join. You can simply be interested in them. ʢ◉ᴥ◉ʡ
flag The Guild Only Otaku Knows 6 Upper Realm Realm
There is no requirement to join.. Come and enjoy.
If you are reading this, well definitely you're an OTAKU.
flag Blade and Soul (N.A.) 7 Upper Realm Realm
Guild for players of Blade and Soul N.A.

Post your characters and screen shots!
flag The Color Cafe 29 Upper Realm Realm
Come in, and order something at the Color Cafe!
Or you can sit down at one of our tables and talk and talk with your fellow cafe members!
Were all about color here at Color Cafe! Come join us at this heavenly cafe!^^
flag Oppai Appreciation Guild 262 Upper Realm Realm
This is the O.A.G. Oppai Appreciation Guild.
Those of you out there that know from yourselves that you truly appreciate Oppai will be more than welcome to join us.
Remember that Oppai are a divine blessing brought to our world by the heavens and for that reason the Oppai Appreciation Guild is in the upper realm!
flag Card Maker Guild 16 Subspace Realm Realm
A guild that will function as a workshop for making cards. You can use forums and gallery to start coop projects with other members or post sets for evaluation.
flag Blue-haired Beauties 14 Middle Earth Realm
Join the crew and we can discover all those beautiful blue-haired characters together.
If we want to buy some characters - blue-haired ones. If we want to share some pictures - from blue-haired ones.
Let's show the world that blue-haired characters are just gorgeous.
flag OBLIVION 30 Outer Realm Realm
No Description
flag Touhou Project 117 Upper Realm Realm
A guild for fans of the Touhou Project series.

Whether you're a fan of the games, the characters, the music, or you just like the fan art, come join the guild!
flag Minor Character Appreciation Guild 69 Middle Earth Realm
So, an anime or game has a bunch of heroines, some nice, some annoying. Cool. But what about this cute girl/epic dude? Just a minor character. Barely any interaction, no scenes, maybe even dies in one of the first episodes. Not cool.
Basically, this is a guild for those who don't only pay attention to the main characters, but can appreciate minor ones.
flag ♡Jerza Shippers!♡ 2 Middle Earth Realm
This guild is for everyone who is absolutely loves Jerza! (Erza Scarlet + Jellal Fernades) Feel free to talk about Jerza to your heart's content! They are THE BEST ship out there ♡w♡. Also if u want u can upload super cute fan art, or even some fan art of your own! Also we will be eating plenty of strawberry cake in the guild don't worry ♡
flag Enclave 1 Upper Realm Realm
No Description
flag KAWASAKI CITY 1 Subspace Realm Realm
flag Moe Empire 1 Subspace Realm Realm
We focus on everything that is moe. Anime, Manga, Characters, everything that you with for. There is nothing better than a load of moe. Every day.


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