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The Testament of Sister New Devil Episode 5 Quotes Jun 14, 2020 | Rei
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The Testament of Sister New Devil - Episode 5 Quotes


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This one had quite a few characters. Wanted to get some quotes for Chisato Hasegawa.
Optimizing Jun 9, 2020 | Rei
I've been doing a bit of optimizing today.

Retired the Sponsored with Love feature to save a few template queries.
Removed sorting on VA listings on character profiles to avoid temporary tables.

Currently looking at query cache usage. With a large cache, any change that involved invalidating 100,000+ cached queries caused a bit of a bottleneck. With no cache, page load times soared along with CPU usage. Testing out a leaner cache at the moment.

Added a link to the old visual search to the front page. With it, you can set the search criteria first, then request results. Ends up a lot less load on the server compared to the current visual search which requests results on each trait selection.

Also stopped recording gender ratios on each source.php page load.

The fewer UPDATE / INSERT queries the better.

Switched to a lazy update system for member accounts. Will only update last seen once per day, once per hour.
Wolf's Rain Episode 4 Quotes Jun 7, 2020 | Rei
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Wolf's Rain - Episode 4 Quotes


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