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K-On!! Episode 1 Quotes Jun 19, 2020 | Rei
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K-On!! - Episode 1 Quotes


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I knew it! Band students have more fun!
InuYasha The Final Act Episode 1 Quotes Jun 18, 2020 | Rei
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InuYasha The Final Act - Episode 1 Quotes


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They managed to give 25+ character lines in the first episode!
I wonder who the two spirits with Kikyo are. They need to be added to the DB.

Sesshomaru always was my fav character in the series.
Girls und Panzer Episode 1 Quotes Jun 17, 2020 | Rei
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Girls und Panzer - Episode 1 Quotes


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Had a look at what anime was being promoted on Netflix lately and noticed a few candidates for quotes: Girls und Panzer, K-On!!, Inuyasha, and Berserk

Another day of HEAT WARNING where I live …

Going on 13 years living as a creative person in a city where the temperature changes wildly. It could be -2C over night, and 25C the next day. Summer can have highs above 40C, winters lows below -50C. I've come to recognize some patterns.

When the temperature is rising, creativity become very difficult. To the extreme, on very hot days I cannot even do things I enjoy. It's like I have normal energy for seconds, and then it just crashes.

When the temperature is dropping, creativity just flows. Can focus easily for minutes on multiple complex tasks. To the extreme, on very cold days, can focus intensely for hours writing hundreds of lines of code - creating big projects all in one shot.

Weather aside, I'd been thinking of a creativity pyramid. It all starts with a good rest. Nothing else matters until you have your sleep.


Sleep is the most important.
Food is the fuel you need for energy.
Water helps everything, as we are mostly water.
Exercise gets blood to the brain, and gets your metabolism going.
Who doesn't feel better after a long bath, or a hot shower.
Even introverts need to check off the social box in some meaningful way each day.
Once all of the above is in order, you're all set to be creative! ^_^

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