He's so loud...
The future's gonna be...?
A bunch of adults got together,
You can enjoy watching me
in this anime-original episode!
But then, your part in
the episode will be smaller.
I'm Hange Zoë.
Mirio's Quirk isn't one to be jealous of.
Don't get too close, Mineta!
You would die for my sake, wouldn't you?!
If they even know that you
and Uraraka are good friends...
Don't tell me you're going
to let this crazy woman in?
But if she gets stabbed, it still hurts her...
Want some help?
but you'd be cooler if you bled more, Izuku!
Even if I look out on them
imagining that they're potatoes,
I guess you're not going to answer me!
And don't get all hyper.
How do you grant wishes, Hanako-san ?
Recently, there's been a rumor
that my breasts have developed.
I don't have breasts to develop!
And if the meeting goes
well, he'll reward me!
Wow, the hand guy!
My Elise-chan wants ice cream.
I wouldn't complain if I had at least seen some boobs,
I've come here today to settle the score.
If you understand, then stand aside.
I am Vaccine Man!
Hi-yah! Hi-yah! Hi-yah! Hi-yah!
Rui calls me "Hina-nee," so I'm fine with that!
Just kidding.
I shouldn't keep lying to them.
You curious, Midoriya?
But the ones who changed the most,
or at least went through the most
Kaminari, what's going on?!
What are you doing? We
still have another test.
Yes, ma'am!
Wait, Marlo... You just wanted
alone time with me, didn't you?
I haven't studied at all!
I'm Hange Zoë.
Sorry to make you wait outside.
I'm Toga! Himiko Toga!
Yes, sir!
Sorry, Mr. Fourth Kind!
He hit me with a lariat,
and I was knocked out, yo!
I'll tell you when it's time.
I'll tell you when it's time.
So it's you, huh?
Part of my gym clothes is missing.
I'm just saying, you can't have a first date at a bookstore, right?
That's a huge change for just one week...
You curious, Midoriya?
It's been a while since
I've seen Bakugo that intense.
He acts cute, too!
Something just pricked me!
Wow, the hand guy!
Take your time eating, all right?
But the ones who changed the most,
or at least went through the most
That's no good, Dabi!
this is the first time anyone's been able to
stay conscious after being on the receiving end.
Wow, the hand guy!
I mean, I don't like this. It's not cute.
Doesn't it almost make you think he's cool?
Because her wounds were exposed
to demon blood, she turned into a demon.
I saw a picture of you,
but you look gross in person...
What's with those clothes, Kendo?!
But the ones who changed the most,
or at least went through the most
I'm Toga! Himiko Toga!
That'll put me a step behind everyone.
I am delighted.
Don't give up, Yoshii!
What do you wanting in my's library?
Yes, the Ordeal.
Guys like you are only
likable if they're dumb...!
You're bleeding, my friend, Tsu.
Huh?! I... uh... H-He's very cute!
And when I think about her
wearing clothes I made, I just...
A bunch of adults got together,
Hey, hey, hey! I know!
I will definitely show you how I can help!
Of course, it wasn't just any ordinary human being.
You curious, Midoriya?
Not everyone is filled
to the brim with ambition.
So it's you, huh?
The match has been decided
before it even started, huh?
Don't tell me...
Someday, the rest of us might also
be caught up in the trouble you bring
Canyon Cannon!
I'm Toga! Himiko Toga!
--Wow, thanks!
--Burn, burn, burn it up!

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