Hartenzee 11:13 pm
≺A href="https://hentaikin.com/130-yue-ni-hitozuma-wa-netorareta-2019.html"≻https://hentaikin.com/130-yue-ni-hitozuma-wa-netorareta-2019.html≺/A≻

Who is this?
10:44 pm
1melco 10:40 pm
Musubu and Gorou from Asoko de Hataraku Musubu-san
1melco 09:13 pm
Berserker Djeeta from Granblue Fantasy
1melco 08:58 pm
Original character from this doujin (NSFW): https://nhentai.net/g/309008/
1melco 08:53 pm
It's also art from this 5th anniversary card https://garupan-app.gamerch.com/%E8%A5%BF%E4%BD%8F%20%E3%81%BF%E3%81%BB%EF%BC%BB5%E5%91%A8%E5%B9%B4%EF%BC%BD
Miky94 06:56 pm
Found it.
It is a human from 'Twilight of The Cockroaches'
SomeWaffles 05:52 pm
The girl is FNC from 'Upotte!!'
Miky94 05:33 pm
An original character made by the artist 'Ho Nyang'

SomeWaffles 04:36 pm
This was the biggest I could find, although it has text on it.

Edit: That link may not work. Here's another just in case: https://kenichi.fandom.com/wiki/Battle_300?file=Battle300c.jpg
NatsumiSawada 03:28 pm
It's from Inaka no Home Center Otoko no Jiyuu na Isekai Seikatsu Chapter 7
NatsumiSawada 02:00 pm
From Sentouin Haken Shimasu Chapter 34
NatsumiSawada 11:59 am
Chiya from Urara Meirochou

NatsumiSawada 11:57 am
Mio Akiyama from K-On

NatsumiSawada 09:59 am
That's Raphael from Rhythm Thief. The source is from the game

NatsumiSawada 09:53 am
I can tell you who the cat it.It's Tiramy from Amagi Brilliant Park


NatsumiSawada 09:41 am
Looks to me like Umi Sonoda from Love Live!

NatsumiSawada 09:38 am
I can give you the image source. It is by のう nounoknown on Twitter and Pixiv.

https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/80810511 Here is the full art of the image you are looking for.

It's used for Kairiki Bear's video ''Lemming Ming'' which you can find here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mKClSTlAdA

Miky94 08:54 am
is Girls und Panzer
and this icon is app game
here source game : https://apps.qoo-app.com/en/app/3008
Miky94 08:28 am
Is was ending opening

Yesterday 11:01 pm
Thanks dude
1melco Yesterday 10:12 pm
Nagisa Furukawa from Clannad
1melco Yesterday 10:11 pm
It's an edit of this art of Yuki Nagato from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
1melco Yesterday 10:08 pm
Miho Nishizumi from Girls und Panzer, source is a card from the mobage: https://garupan-app.gamerch.com/%E8%A5%BF%E4%BD%8F%20%E3%81%BF%E3%81%BB%EF%BC%BB2%E5%91%A8%E5%B9%B4%EF%BC%BD
1melco Yesterday 10:02 pm
I found a larger version: https://sun9-52.userapi.com/impf/c836626/v836626487/1f50a/Fa8JxMIiYps.jpg?size=579x604&quality=96&sign=c91258cd789c8d057e70b27397feca50&type=album

Which indicates the artist is: https://www.deviantart.com/fennix-cat/
But I'm not sure on character, I can't find that one in her gallery
1melco Yesterday 09:56 pm
Official art from the High School DxD mobage
1melco Yesterday 09:53 pm
1melco Yesterday 09:51 pm
Zechs Merquise from Gundam Wing
1melco Yesterday 08:35 pm
A karakuri puppet from Ogaki Matsuri ni Ikou yo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7-jSa0emyA
Miky94 Yesterday 07:25 pm
Vivivan form Project Qt (H-game)
Miky94 Yesterday 07:21 pm
found it is THE SKULL MAN ep 13
Yesterday 06:08 pm
Thank you
1melco Yesterday 05:22 pm
Touka Nijou from Kyou kara Ore wa Loli no Himo
NatsumiSawada Yesterday 04:11 pm
Thank you as always!
1melco Yesterday 04:10 pm
It's Ruggie Bucchi from Twisted Wonderland
NatsumiSawada Yesterday 03:46 pm
Seems to be original art by Master_Hands on Twitter.

1melco Yesterday 03:18 pm
Song-Bok-Shil? (복실콘) from 내가 만난 뱀파이어 이야기 (The Story of How I met a Vampire)
NatsumiSawada Yesterday 01:46 pm
Rikka from Lust Geass.

This is from Volume 1 Chapter 3. [Slighty NSFW]
NatsumiSawada Yesterday 01:40 pm
Shirakawa Ayane and Sudou Kazushi from Overflow


NatsumiSawada Yesterday 01:36 pm
That's Naru Kotoishi from Barakamon

NatsumiSawada Yesterday 11:54 am
Original character by Riko Korie

https://yande.re/post/show/214581 here is the link to the orignal art.
NatsumiSawada Yesterday 11:48 am
Based on Idolm@ster.
Characters are Natsuha Arisugawa and Rinze Morino
Megami_Scarlet Yesterday 06:30 am
Misaka Mikoto from To Aru Kagaku no Railgun

Artwork by Midiman
1melco Yesterday 05:29 am
Youmu Konpaku from Touhou
1melco Yesterday 01:40 am
1 Akeno Himejima from High School DxD
2 Original character Aimi by artist sky-freedom
3 Mamako from Okaasan Online
4 Eiko Adachi from Amagi Brilliant Park
5 Ayami from Ecchi na Onee-chan ni Shiboraretai
1melco Yesterday 01:12 am
Undyne, Frisk and Monster Kid from Undertale https://www.deviantart.com/dav-19/art/Walk-578002818
1melco Yesterday 01:10 am
Atsuko Kagari from Little Witch Academia: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2657947
1melco Yesterday 01:08 am
Hijiri Mochizuki from Idolmaster Cinderella Girls, it's official art from the game: https://i.cinderella.pro/u/c/art/a/200777SSR-Mochizuki-Hijiri.png
1melco Yesterday 01:07 am
Looks like a Zealot from Halo 2?
1melco Yesterday 01:03 am
Maki from Street Fighter https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/76971061
1melco Yesterday 01:01 am
Original characters https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/4019552
1melco Yesterday 12:59 am
Brigitte from Overwatch https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1072536501978873860
1melco May 14, 2021
Seems to be this user's original character: https://twitter.com/Vania_VRC
Named Vania
May 14, 2021
But what character is that?
Miky94 May 14, 2021
is Form VRCHAT
May 14, 2021
May 14, 2021
It's an edit of JK Taimabu Season 1 (on page 59) by Fan no Hitori. The pig has less eyes in the original.

1melco May 14, 2021
Sae Inagaki from Shoujo Kyouiku
1melco May 14, 2021
The comic name is Biroedo/Lightning Degree, the character is Rin
Miky94 May 14, 2021
Hinagiku Katsura from Hayate the Combat Butler and Hayate the Combat Butler (OVA)
Miky94 May 14, 2021
Made by the artist '2079qeqeYour' on Twitter: https://twitter.com/2079qeqeYour/status/1360550521560387592. It might be an original character.
Megami_Scarlet May 14, 2021
Lío Fotia from PROMARE
NatsumiSawada May 14, 2021
She is from 'Sensei to Boku' by Yuyama Chika [NSFW]
Megami_Scarlet May 14, 2021
Julis Alexia von Riessfeld from GakusenToshiAsterisk
Miky94 May 14, 2021
Is was website comic made artist but idk who made it

May 13, 2021
Found it. It's Kyou fujibayashi from Clannad,in case anyone else wants to know.
1melco May 13, 2021
Stephan from Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita
1melco May 13, 2021
Saki from Watashi ga Toriko ni Natte Yaru (NSFW)
SomeWaffles May 13, 2021
It seems to be original work. The artist is 'おずま' (@oz_ma33)

- Pixiv Source (NSFW)
1melco May 13, 2021
Megumin from KonoSuba https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=5780579
1melco May 13, 2021
It's a mannequin from Suzakinishi The Animation, episode 2
1melco May 13, 2021
The character is Shuu-tan, the mascot of E-shuushuu
Miky94 May 13, 2021
Zero Kiryu From Vampire knight
Miky94 May 13, 2021
Nanami Aoyama form The Pet girl of Sakurasou
Megami_Scarlet May 13, 2021
Naoki Irie from Itasura na Kiss
Megami_Scarlet May 13, 2021
From the Ending of Hyouka

They are Chitanda Eru and Mayaka Ibara
May 13, 2021
amakusa shino
Megami_Scarlet May 13, 2021
Takayanagi Mitsuomi from Tenjou Tenge
May 13, 2021
Thank you. This can be marked as solved.
Golt May 13, 2021
They are Konoka Konoe, Nodoka Miyazaki, Yue Ayase and Asuna Kagurazaka from "Mahou Sensei Negima!"
Golt May 13, 2021
It's called "Sexercise"
Megami_Scarlet May 13, 2021
Roxy Heart from Berserk of Gluttony
Golt May 13, 2021
That's Kokomi Teruhashi in "Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan 2" episode 17 (around 20:28)
SomeWaffles May 13, 2021
That is Toujou Nozomi and Ayase Eli from the 'Love Live!' franchise

- Pixiv Source
Megami_Scarlet May 13, 2021
From the figure of Saber Alter by Dollfie Dream.

Original image
Megami_Scarlet May 13, 2021
Hifumi Takimoto from New Game

May 13, 2021
Also image source?
SomeWaffles May 13, 2021
That is Deadpool and Triton from the Marvel Universe
Megami_Scarlet May 12, 2021
From Tantei Opera Milky Holmes

She's Sherlock 'Sheryl' Shellinford
1melco May 12, 2021
They are all from different isekai manga:
From left to right:
Ruphas Mafahl from Yasei no Last Boss ga Arawareta
Ponta and Arc from Skeleton Knight in Another World
Argento Vampir from Tensei Kyuuketsuki-san wa Ohirune ga Shitai
Rou from Re:Monster
Fran and Shishou from Tensei shitara Ken deshita
Naofumi Iwatani from Rising of the Shield Hero
Ja/Evil Dragon from Jaryuu Tensei

It's the logo so to speak for LHTranslation, but I'm not sure who the artist is
1melco May 12, 2021
It's the original artwork for this ASMR audio doujin: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ305379.html/
The artist is cube: https://twitter.com/cube_8492
NatsumiSawada May 12, 2021
Original art by Pepe ぺぺ (very NSfW artist)

NatsumiSawada May 12, 2021
She is from the game TOGETHER BnB
NatsumiSawada May 12, 2021
It's from the manga still sick and it's from Chapter 1.
May 12, 2021
NatsumiSawada May 12, 2021
This is from Midnight Secretary.

Characters are Kaya Satozuka and Kyouhei Touma.


Megami_Scarlet May 12, 2021
From: Katsu-chan-san no Kanojo
Megami_Scarlet May 12, 2021
Kyoujurou Rengoku from Kimetsu no Yaiba
Megami_Scarlet May 12, 2021
She's Serena Tsukino from Sailor Moon
Megami_Scarlet May 12, 2021
From Dengeki Daisy


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