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Light Yagami from Death Note | 483 views
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Light Yagami

Light Yagami has the following indexed traits

눈 색깔
머리카락 길이
을 귀
Apparent Age
Animal Ears

Light Yagami has the following official traits

눈 색깔
머리카락 길이
을 귀
Apparent Age
Animal Ears

More Details

Character ID 12872
Romaji Name Light Yagami
Japanese Name 夜神 月 (Yagami Raito)
Aliases Kira (キラ)
Role Protagonist
Type Unsorted
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Voice Actors | 2

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Extra Details | 5

February 28
Favorite food
BBQ chips

Relations | 10

Light Yagami has the following relations with other characters

Light Yagami is Son of Sachiko Yagami
Light Yagami is Son of Soichiro Yagami
Light Yagami is Brother of Sayu Yagami
Light Yagami is a rival of L Lawliet

These characters have the following relations with Light Yagami

Sachiko Yagami is Mother of Light Yagami
Sayu Yagami is Sister of Light Yagami
Soichiro Yagami is Father of Light Yagami
Misa Amane is In love with Light Yagami
L Lawliet is a rival of Light Yagami
L Lawliet is frenemies with Light Yagami

Light Yagami

Light Yagami

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Comments | 35

- Mar 4, 2010
( typed by a cat )
- Oct 17, 2010
- Dec 30, 2010
omg kiwaii i love him
- Jul 5, 2011
he is
- Aug 31, 2011
Light owns...
- Sep 1, 2011
KIRA god of the new world
- Sep 19, 2011
I searched my own characteristics and this is the first result, I feel... LIKE A BAUSS
LiCobra - Nov 4, 2011
He's totally batshiz crazy, I've gotta be the only person who doesn't like him. :/
- Nov 25, 2011
- Dec 10, 2011
Light got twisted after hhe found the Notebook :{ I liked old Light not KIRA -.-
- Dec 29, 2011
This was the first result I got
- Dec 29, 2011
yeah, I also like old Light I dun like Kira at all :'C
- Jan 15, 2012
I liked the old Light more D: I thought him having the Death Note was cool at first but when he killed L then I didn't like him anymore!! It's not Rem's fault!
- Feb 4, 2012
yagami not evil in my the old saying "one man light is another man darkness" which mean another man ideas could be a threat to another..both L and light wanted the same thing through out the world.."justice" it just both had different persecption on how to achieve it.. light whole attention was the make the world a perfect place where you could walk the street at night and not fear of being robbed,murder,or assaulted.where everyone was meek and honest..And by any means he wanted to achieve tht goal even if it meant giving up his own soul..even face with the fact he would not goto heaven or hell he still continue to try to correct this corrupt world..even meant it coming dwn to killing family members..light should be admire and respected cause with tht idea of justice and hope of a honest world..he was willing to goto any means to achieve his goal and by tht he didnt half ass anything..he truly believed he could change the world..Hats off to you yagami day i wish i can have the same conviction in myself and ideas has you did.cause if i could claim a death note like you think i would do the same thing you did love this world to much to watch just rott the way it is...rite?Some body gotta do it.
LiCobra - Feb 4, 2012
Whoa, text wall much?

I would have to strongly disagree. Killing people is not the way to get justice. Also perfection is an ideal, I don't believe anyone can get a "perfect world". People are not perfect, people make mistakes, therefore there is no such thing as a perfect world.

But that's just me.
- May 16, 2012
Gosh darn it he Killed L. L deserves revenge, too bad Light dies too. Revenge in the afterlife? I mean rly why? lol i hate him. i say DIE!!! L IS BETTER THAN U!!! Plus, killing doesnt achieve justice :P
Kana-sama - Dec 4, 2012
Uh Gydine, Saying that Light killed L is a spoiler for those who haven't watched it, even though a lot of people already have....

Although then again that was posted in May so it's probably too late.

(Spoiler fail)
SunflowerGirl - Jan 15, 2013
hate him he is scary
- Apr 16, 2013
I don't get why people like him! I used to like him, he was a nice kid. But then he found the Death Note and his life went downhill! Imagine what his life could have been like if he never found the note! I stopped liking him when he had started to go crazy and just kill those in his way.
- Apr 16, 2013
He's needed, smart but stupid, wanted to bring justice but forgot something basic.
- May 31, 2013
Honestly, he's a good character but I don't really like him. I find I like L better.
- May 31, 2013
Am I the only one who finds it a bit creepy how much the person who posted this knows so much about him? His height, weight, even his blood type?? WTF
Akikojam - May 31, 2013
Most likely you are. I bet this is an information from some official character profile. I dunno, can't confirm it, but those are not that hard to find, if the exist.
LeNeko - Jun 1, 2013
I'll add that Japanese people are kinda interested in blood types. According to some of them, they are related to personality - a bit like our zodiacal sings.
- Aug 11, 2013
- Feb 24, 2014
Light's life when down hill after the Death Note... Why did he have to pick it up???
Yagamijustine - May 12, 2014
Saydiekeehl - May 20, 2014
In the official Death Note How to Read guide it says he's only 5'8. Which is roughly only 172-173cm, or maybe this is just his height as a teenager?
- Jul 19, 2014
I will take a potato chip.. and eat it!
- Jul 28, 2014
hey, light is a Antihero!
- Aug 15, 2014
World needs a Kira.
- Nov 20, 2014
He didnt even go that insane. If you call him bat---- crazy. Then you'd think I am completely insane..
Hetalia_Italy - Nov 21, 2014
You're a couple years late replying to this one. Light is fuggen crazy as hell. Killing people did not bring his so-called "justice" or whatever. He became insane and saying that he didn't go crazy makes me think that you're whacked in the head. It's like saying that Dio Brando from JJBA was innocent when he killed all those people. (Dio did nothing wrong) So yeah. Light is batshiz crazy, period.
- Jan 11, 2015
He acted how we all (read: a large portion) wish we could. Sad to see him on this side of the list.
Katnipplease - Jan 12, 2015
Yagami backwards... Read it...

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Light Yagami 夜神 月 (Yagami Raito) Image of Light Yagami Anime Character 10 Son of Sachiko Yagami Son of Soichiro Yagami Brother of Sayu Yagami a rival of L Lawliet Death Note


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