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Martian Successor Nadesico

4 Star
Nadesico breaks through Earth's Big Barrier and heads out into space.
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K-On! Anonymous Jun 5, 2014

esta muy bueno


3 3 Star Mouse Jul 1, 2015 / Jul 1, 2015 by Mitsugu Review length: Long

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01:27 am
<Mitsugu> because the second I do delete something, I or one of my flatmates will immediately want to see it. It's without fail.

01:26 am
<Mitsugu> Yeah, I can't afford that, I have bills to pay... plus I HATE live streaming. I want to watch what I want when I want, but the reason why I have so much is... well I'm like a data hoarder... I just can't bring myself to hit the delete key, unless something is reeeeeally terrible.

01:23 am
<Eiki-sama> Still, that's quite a lot. I don't really tend to have things downloaded due to my lack of drive space or an external drive. So pretty much everything I own in terms of anime is in dvd form, mostly because I just like collecting box sets.

01:19 am
<Mitsugu> I'm also skipping a lot of movies that I don't feel like watching.

01:18 am
<Mitsugu> Data wise I have the same amount of Anime, but fewer titles.


Jun 29, 2015
<mukeispirit> I'm never gonna type info on any character page again, am I?

Jun 27, 2015
<Nori13> Ty ty ^^

Jun 27, 2015
<OMGasm> :O (late) happy birthday

Jun 27, 2015
<LiCobra> Happy birthday 13! ^^

Jun 26, 2015
<Nori13> ありがとう。^^

Jun 26, 2015
<Rei> Happy Birthday 13-san !!
tanjoubi omedetou !

Jun 23, 2015
<AmaterasuWings> If you hover over them, you should get a message box with their names - they're Souma Yukihira and Erina Nakiri from Food Wars.

Jun 23, 2015
<willowinautumn> hey does anyone know who the anime characters on the website's banner are?

Jun 23, 2015
<Yeray> someone got the card, of cure dream?

I need that card to complete The pretty cure heroines, please

Jun 22, 2015
<Nori13> Happy Feli day!

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