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Miku Hatsune Anonymous 06:28 pm

She is taking over the world. Beware.

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Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne KKJ Anonymous Yesterday 01:46 pm

Isn't Kaitou Jeanne the protagonist not Fin Fisshe?


6 6 Star Princess Resurrection Feb 26, 2015 / Feb 26, 2015 by Mitsugu Review length: Long

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07:10 pm
Who is this girl at 2:16? NSFW (18+) View #16604
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04:49 pm
Who is this? View #16602
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03:43 pm
Who is this? View #16601
03:18 pm
who are they? View #16600
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06:22 pm
TiwaLeChaton rolls out the lounge

06:18 pm
<TiwaLeChaton> I'm going to sleep guys!
Tomorrow I go back to school *sad* so I'll be only around 1pm (server hour)
Oyasumi! (^ω^)/

05:58 pm
<TiwaLeChaton> XD I wish I can buy one models this summer (hard to find models not very expensive in france :/)

05:58 pm
<Rei> those are awesome

05:57 pm
<Eiki-sama> I wish one of my two Gundam models would show up in the mail soon. I really have the urge to build one.


12:27 am
<ReenaiSnow> hi

Feb 27, 2015
<Rei> O_O awesome !

Feb 27, 2015
<Igraine> We have reached 72.000 characters!

Feb 27, 2015
<Rei> Thanks! Happy to hear you like the improvements

Feb 26, 2015
<Igraine> The new layout of the main menu looks pretty good. Concise but useful.

Feb 26, 2015
<Rei> We're only 53 characters away from 72,000 !

Feb 25, 2015
<Rei> Search Fixes

@Ajam : it now shows No Matches
@Gasm : yellow bg removed, replaced with plain white

Feb 25, 2015
<Rei> The amount of data processed is why it has to be that way.

The computer can do a starts with search on one indexed field of data very quickly. The moment that data set increases, it'd break everything.

Feb 25, 2015
<Igraine> Yes, the normal search gives 3 results, but I was talking about the dropdown list. I was only making sure it was that way. Thanks.

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