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Hinagiku Katsura
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I'm here, actually. xD
May 5, 2014
why is the lounge soooo dead as of late?
May 5, 2014
* SilentHunter005 suddenly appears
* Anime Characters Database [SilentHunter005] Dying inside because his dream will never come true
And, suddenly
May 5, 2014
Okay, while I hate anime's live-action movies, this looks nice
May 5, 2014
Okay, I'm done working for the night (I'll try to do some work tomorrow as well)
May 5, 2014
* Venia jumps over two throw pies
* AniahLiepard dodges the pie
* Anime Characters Database [HapiiKat126] Hallo. eDe *throws pie at everyone\'s face*
May 5, 2014
* Mitsugu 's petrification abilities is a self-defense mechanism, like the Tanooki Suit Mario
You could be cursed
May 5, 2014
and turning into rocks.
May 5, 2014
* Mitsugu wonders: Why does Mitsu only have restorative abilities?
* Venia thanks.. huh? forgot about the magic lol.. I guess I am a rogue at heart...ha....ha..ha
* Mitsugu 's statue wobbles, and Venia's hand is restored.
Oh I have to read .
May 5, 2014
I won't be talking :/
May 5, 2014
Nothing much, I gotta do a project
May 5, 2014
Hey so whats up
May 5, 2014
I gotta do work though, sorry xD
May 5, 2014
* Venia hey Aniah help me lol. Mitsugu scared me and I broke my right hand lol...
* Anime Characters Database [AniahLiepard] Pipiru pipiru pipiru pi!
* Venia flings right hand around after breaking it on stone mitsugu,... why you have to turn to stone ...could've just teleported to a different spot in the room lol...

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Hiroko Takashiro Anonymous

If only my art teacher was like her

Yesterday 10:08 am

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Hotch Potch -Liar&raiL FanDisk- 13x31

Members are more than welcome to upload missing characters.

Yesterday 01:35 pm


10 10 Star Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Sep 5, 2014 / Sep 5, 2014 by nosgothian Review length: Long

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DeKnijff asks

Who do you think has the cooler Susanoo?
I'm including Susanoo in his trump card form. I'm also including Madara's Susanoo in its full form.


Madara Uchiha

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Sep 30, 2014
<Hetalia_Italy> Hey guys. Things are getting better for me so I'm going to be a bit more active for now.

Sep 29, 2014
<Mitsugu> I do the same thing once the dreaded day roles around.

Sep 28, 2014
<Rei> 31337's a good number XD

Sep 28, 2014
<Akikojam> Rei the Leete. At least make it 32167, you'll get five black dragons.

Sep 28, 2014
<OMGasm> why 31337? xD

Sep 27, 2014
<AniahLiepard> You a god or somethin'? xD

Sep 27, 2014
<Rei> haha i'd almost forgot i set my profile age to 31337 XD

Sep 26, 2014
<8SummerMemories> nah, under 65,600 y.o., and still young.

Sep 26, 2014
<AniahLiepard> Old fart? Lol

Sep 25, 2014
<8SummerMemories> @rontuu54 There is a lot of cuties around ACDB. mmm...cuties

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