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Sailor Moon
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Loved Characters

Gender Age Hair Color Hair Length Mimikko
  • Kuukaku Shiba
    Kuukaku Shiba
    heart 59
  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha
    heart 59
  • Moka Akashiya
    Moka Akashiya
    heart 59
  • Cana Alberona
    Cana Alberona
    heart 58
  • Shana
    heart 58
  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha
    heart 58
  • Hinata Hyuga
    Hinata Hyuga
    heart 58
  • Luka Megurine
    Luka Megurine
    heart 58
  • Koneko Toujou
    Koneko Toujou
    heart 58
  • Juushirou Ukitake
    Juushirou Ukitake
    heart 57
  • Gin Ichimaru
    Gin Ichimaru
    heart 57
  • Yuri Nakamura
    Yuri Nakamura
    heart 57
  • Saeko Busujima
    Saeko Busujima
    heart 56
  • Taiga Aisaka
    Taiga Aisaka
    heart 56
  • Shikamaru Nara
    Shikamaru Nara
    heart 56
  • Deidara
    heart 56
  • Tier Halibel
    Tier Halibel
    heart 55
  • Undertaker
    heart 55
  • Minato Namikaze (Fourth Hokage)
    Minato Namikaze (Fourth Hokage)
    heart 55
  • Levy McGarden
    Levy McGarden
    heart 55
  • Mikasa Ackerman
    Mikasa Ackerman
    heart 55
  • Yachiru Kusajishi
    Yachiru Kusajishi
    heart 54
  • Yui Kotegawa
    Yui Kotegawa
    heart 54
  • Light Yagami
    Light Yagami
    heart 54
  • Azusa Nakano
    Azusa Nakano
    heart 54
  • Soi Fon
    Soi Fon
    heart 53
  • Sasori
    heart 53
  • Yui Hirasawa
    Yui Hirasawa
    heart 53
  • Lelouch Lamperouge
    Lelouch Lamperouge
    heart 53
  • Tsunade
    heart 53

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Shizuka KurokoMisaki-chan

Kawaii **

Yesterday 10:17 pm

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Princess Jellyfish LiCobra

I hope you enjoy it! I thought it was hilarious XD

Yesterday 10:03 pm


7 7 Star Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun 12:01 am / 12:01 am by AmaterasuWings Review length: Long

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Sun 10:54 PM

Re:who this character?
It appears [url=http://www.animecharactersdatabase[more ...]
Posted by Eiki-sama
Sun 7:34 PM

Re:who this character?
[urll=source.php?id=249]The Devil on the G-string[[more ...]
Posted by AmaterasuWings
Sun 7:27 PM

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Yesterday 09:53 pm
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Oct 17, 2014
<Rei> 1280x720 would be the min res to not have a sideways scroll on the main site

Whereas the mobile site , can do 320x480 no problem

Oct 17, 2014
<Satellizer123> I wonder if it's just me... But I just despise having to scroll sideways T_T

Oct 14, 2014
<Eiki-sama> Eiki's Super Sale: All SSS cards for 7 Diamonds, 7 Sapphires, and 7 Rubies, all other cards for 4 Diamonds, 4 Sapphires, and 4 Rubies!

Oct 10, 2014
<Rei> Seasons List now includes some airtime info like Day, Hour, Minute ( matching when the series airs in Japan )

Oct 9, 2014
<Rei> Added a Vote BOTH option for VS matches. It does not influence the results, but does store the vote different from neither.

Oct 5, 2014
<Eiki-sama> But Sailor Mars' first name is Rei, how could you not go with her? XD

Oct 4, 2014
<Rei> There were a couple images of Mars that were good, but the Sailor Moon one made the biggest impression on me xD

Oct 4, 2014
<Akikojam> I'd prefer Venus, Mars, Saturn or Pluto, but I guess Moon is fine too

Oct 4, 2014
<LiCobra> OOOH!! Sailor Moon! Li likes! \*o*/

Oct 4, 2014
<Rei> thanks Feli

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