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Name Onii-Chan of
Gladiolus Amicitia Hisa
2 suitors
Guildenstern Gundy
1 suitor
Tetsurou Kuroo Gundy
3 suitors
Tomoe nothingbroken
4 suitors
Ikuyoshi Sasaki Rufis_
1 suitor
Yoruichi Shihouin (cat form) SWhite72
128 suitors
Mofurun precure97
1 suitor
Puck Kurumikuru
2 suitors
Corrector Eco Rosie_123
1 suitor
Takasu nothingbroken
2 suitors
Maki AoiHime12
1 suitor
Yamato Godai AoiHime12
1 suitor
Kiji Mitsuba AoiHime12
1 suitor
Ruka Gojou AoiHime12
1 suitor
Galdo AoiHime12
1 suitor
Fang AoiHime12
1 suitor
Tora Jonah22
1 suitor
Super Saiyan Bardock Jonah22
1 suitor
Bardock Jonah22
1 suitor
Shy Makishima PigeonMom
2 suitors
Soushi Miketsukami nothingbroken
2 suitors
Kurapika SugarBunni
3 suitors
Toma nothingbroken
2 suitors
Raven / Gilbert Nightray nothingbroken
3 suitors
Chihiro Komiya animelover693
1 suitor
Hei Artzemek
2 suitors
Accelerator SupremeInferno
5 suitors
Reisuke Houjou kaorinekoya
1 suitor
Keisaku Satou MizuNeko
1 suitor
Kamisama MizuNeko
1 suitor
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