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If some other changes to the gifting system to along with it, it might work. Currently the gift system is just kind of basic and a little clunky. It works because you really only gift initially a few times and then you don't have to interface with it very much, but if you have to use it all the time it definitely needs work.

Changing one click into six clicks to accomplish the same thing without any other changes is just busy-work. It's not interesting, it doesn't require any thought, there is no decision or choice to be made.

At least this is how it seems to me. If you have the gifts, it's still gonna just be people clicking every 5 minutes but now that clicking takes longer. If you run out of gifts, then you don't get to participate at all.

It seems overly punishing to players with a large list, whereas players with a smaller list are basically unaffected.

If any/all of these other potential changes (status effects, gifting overhaul, % overcharge) go in at the same time then it's a lot more palatable and depending on the specifics probably a big net positive.

Edit - What it boils down to for me is essentially two things:

1) The core activity right now is simple
2) The core activity right now is static

To focus on #2 for a minute...right now the game does not change at all, if we picture a scenario where we go 6 months in the future, there will be no difference between what we're doing now and what we're doing then, in the current system. Wait 5 minutes, click, repeat. Nothing lasts, nothing changes, it's all just fleeting and temporary.

All the RPG talk, wealth ideas, etc is all focused on some kind of choice, selection, or growth which tackles #2. The idea that the player can make some sort of active decision about which waifus/husbandos are higher/lower on their list, that isn't just a binary "keep them or drop them". Since Rei doesn't want to implement any of that right now, it's kind of a dead end so I'll just table it for now.

#1 is something that could potentially be tackled by the gifting system changes. Instead of wait 5 minutes click (or click 6 times) repeat, there could be gifts that change the character in some way (temporarily) that at least make players think a little. At this point I have no idea what that would entail (Rei is probably right that we'd need another thread to discuss potential ideas) but it would at least serve as a starting point for something that isn't totally "click or do not click".

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