Character Relations

Conrad Weller is Godfather and bodyguard Yuuri Shibuya Info
Rachel Moore is girlfriend of Jimmy Kudo Info
Jimmy Kudo is boyfriend of Rachel Moore Info
Sakuno Ryuzaki is granddaughter of Sumire Ryuzaki Info
Ezo Red Fox is friend of Silver Fox Info
Joon Yorigami is twin sister of Shion Yorigami Info
Sumireko Usami is ancestor of Renko Usami Info
Shigure Aotsuki is husband of Sumako Aotsuki Info
Ushio Aotsuki is the Son of Sumako Aotsuki Info
Sumako Aotsuki is the Mother of Ushio Aotsuki Info
Zihark is friend of Muarim Info
Zihark is friend of Brom Info
Zihark is friend of Ilyana Info
Rieko Hinaga is grandmother of Airi Hinaga Info
Airi Hinaga is granddaughter of Rieko Hinaga Info
Keima Katsuragi is son of Mari Katsuragi Info
Mari Katsuragi is mother of Keima Katsuragi Info
Kamui is son of Umibozu Info
Kamui is Big brother of Kagura Info
Nae Tennouji is same person as Nae Tennouji Info
Nae Tennouji is same person as Nae Tennouji Info
Yuuki Goshogawara is childhood friend of Souta Hatsuaki Info
Souta Hatsuaki is childhood friend of Yuuki Goshogawara Info
Yuuri Katsuki is boyfriend Victor Nikiforov Info
Roku To Nana is the Husband of Tsuchikiyose Tetsushi Info
Tsuchikiyose Tetsushi is the Wife of Roku To Nana Info
Mokusaibashi Ichiya is the Wife of Tsukitsuka Info
Tsukitsuka is the Husband of Mokusaibashi Ichiya Info
Fuwai is the Husband of Hikurakawa Sora Info
Hikurakawa Sora is the Wife of Fuwai Info
Kanenogi is the Husband of Hinowa Tomari Info
Hinowa Tomari is the Wife of Kanenogi Info
Grimmjow Jaegerjaques is In love with Ichigo Kurosaki Info
Ritsu Namine is Friend of Teto Kasane Info
Ritsu Namine is Friend of Ruko Yokune Info
Kazuichi Souda is Borderline stalking Sonia Nevermind Info
Kazuichi Souda is Hopelessly crushing on Sonia Nevermind Info
Sonia Nevermind is In love with Gundam Tanaka Info
Sonia Nevermind is Partners in crime with Gundam Tanaka Info
Gundam Tanaka is In love with Sonia Nevermind Info
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