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Character Relations

Hiromi Kasuga is Sister of Yuka Kasuga Info
Yuka Kasuga is Sister of Hiromi Kasuga Info
Satsuki Minato is Sister of Fujie Minato Info
Fujie Minato is Sister of Satsuki Minato Info
Maho Suzaki is Sister of Miki Suzaki Info
Emi Mogi is Sister of Tatsuya Mogi Info
Fon Lau is Sister of Kafei Lau Info
Izumi Miyahara is Sister of Megumi Miyahara Info
Megumi Miyahara is Sister of Izumi Miyahara Info
Maho Yoshioka is Sister of Mao Hiiragi Info
Usagi Shinohara is Sister of Michito Shinohara Info
Koto Sawatari is Sister of Aoi Sawatari Info
Aoi Sawatari is Sister of Koto Sawatari Info
Matsu Matsuzaka is Sister of Ume Matsuzaka Info
Ume Matsuzaka is Sister of Take Matsuzaka Info
Matsu Matsuzaka is Sister of Take Matsuzaka Info
Kaori Nakiri is Sister of Tsukio Shima Info
Floren / Snork Maiden is Sister of Snork Info
Moor Hesse is Sister of Claire Info
Claire is Sister of Moor Hesse Info
Kodachi Kuno is Sister of Tatewaki Kuno Info
Rosalind de Sainte-Coquille is Sister of Max de Sainte-Coquille Info
Saki Hanajima is Sister of Megumi Hanajima Info
Jun Tao is Sister of Ren Tao Info
Pilika Usui is Sister of Horo Horo Info
Suzie Wong is Sister of Henry Wong Info
Kanae is Sister of Kouta Info
Kagome Higurashi is sister of Souta Higurashi Info
Mirai Senzaki is Sister of Shuuya Senzaki Info
Alice is Sister of Marina Info
Marina is Sister of Alice Info
Tsukino Miyazawa is sister of Kano Miyazawa Info
Tsukino Miyazawa is sister of Yukino Miyazawa Info
Kano Miyazawa is sister of Yukino Miyazawa Info
Kano Miyazawa is sister of Tsukino Miyazawa Info
Yukino Miyazawa is sister of Kano Miyazawa Info
Yukino Miyazawa is sister of Tsukino Miyazawa Info
Lillith Zaberisk is Sister of Count Georik Zaberisk Info
Mitsuki Mashiba is Sister of Youhei Mashiba Info
Madoka_Kaname is Sister of Tatsuya Kaname Info

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Lucy / Nyuu ANIMazer

I don´t know why, but I just love this kind of female characters (Split personality, tsundere, yandere, two-faced and other characters that suddenly goes from kind and gentle to cold, violent and/or scary) Lucy is definitly my number one on that list, and always will be.

Yesterday 12:35 pm

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Pokemon Manga Rei

I don't think it's quite that bad.

The Pokemon franchise as we have indexed, has 980 characters . 180 of them were carefully assigned to the manga .

Our moderators have worked extremely hard to accurately index the extreme number of characters that are in Pokemon.

We're just a small team, and don't have the time or resources to read every page of the manga verifying one by one every single character.

You are welcome to help. You need only inform a moderator of which characters do not appear in this title, and we'll be happy to make the changes.

As for the names, Pokemon doesn't quite fit in our naming system. Most games and anime use the Japanese name. Whereas Pokemon has Japanese names, English names, and nicknames. We try to add all of them, but again, we don't have the resources to do this on our own. You can help by reporting any name changes that need to be made.

04:35 am


7 7 Star Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun Oct 21, 2014 / Oct 21, 2014 by AmaterasuWings Review length: Long

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ANIMazer asks

Who do you like the most?


Erza Scarlet

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12:17 pm
<Jino> Juder posted a reply to Treasure Chests Bug

10:08 am
<Ryuushima> 2 hours 22 minutes till sao

10:08 am
<Ryuushima> yep, got it downloaded at 1080 since an hour or so

09:44 am
<TheAnimer> New episode of Log Horizon is already out?

09:39 am
<Ryuushima> cute log horizon episode, kinda wondering what the use is of the crazy npc killing people when they just respawn, I guess we'll get an explanation later about that.

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Oct 23, 2014
<13x31> 1024x768 also doesn't have a sideways scroll on the main site.

Oct 17, 2014
<Rei> 1280x720 would be the min res to not have a sideways scroll on the main site

Whereas the mobile site , can do 320x480 no problem

Oct 17, 2014
<Satellizer123> I wonder if it's just me... But I just despise having to scroll sideways T_T

Oct 14, 2014
<Eiki-sama> Eiki's Super Sale: All SSS cards for 7 Diamonds, 7 Sapphires, and 7 Rubies, all other cards for 4 Diamonds, 4 Sapphires, and 4 Rubies!

Oct 10, 2014
<Rei> Seasons List now includes some airtime info like Day, Hour, Minute ( matching when the series airs in Japan )

Oct 9, 2014
<Rei> Added a Vote BOTH option for VS matches. It does not influence the results, but does store the vote different from neither.

Oct 5, 2014
<Eiki-sama> But Sailor Mars' first name is Rei, how could you not go with her? XD

Oct 4, 2014
<Rei> There were a couple images of Mars that were good, but the Sailor Moon one made the biggest impression on me xD

Oct 4, 2014
<Akikojam> I'd prefer Venus, Mars, Saturn or Pluto, but I guess Moon is fine too

Oct 4, 2014
<LiCobra> OOOH!! Sailor Moon! Li likes! \*o*/

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