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Hiromi Kasuga is Sister of Yuka Kasuga Info
Yuka Kasuga is Sister of Hiromi Kasuga Info
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Fujie Minato is Sister of Satsuki Minato Info
Maho Suzaki is Sister of Miki Suzaki Info
Emi Mogi is Sister of Tatsuya Mogi Info
Fon Lau is Sister of Kafei Lau Info
Izumi Miyahara is Sister of Megumi Miyahara Info
Megumi Miyahara is Sister of Izumi Miyahara Info
Maho Yoshioka is Sister of Mao Hiiragi Info
Usagi Shinohara is Sister of Michito Shinohara Info
Koto Sawatari is Sister of Aoi Sawatari Info
Aoi Sawatari is Sister of Koto Sawatari Info
Matsu Matsuzaka is Sister of Ume Matsuzaka Info
Ume Matsuzaka is Sister of Take Matsuzaka Info
Matsu Matsuzaka is Sister of Take Matsuzaka Info
Kaori Nakiri is Sister of Tsukio Shima Info
Floren / Snork Maiden is Sister of Snork Info
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Claire is Sister of Moor Hesse Info
Kodachi Kuno is Sister of Tatewaki Kuno Info
Rosalind de Sainte-Coquille is Sister of Max de Sainte-Coquille Info
Saki Hanajima is Sister of Megumi Hanajima Info
Jun Tao is Sister of Ren Tao Info
Pilika Usui is Sister of Horo Horo Info
Suzie Wong is Sister of Henry Wong Info
Kanae is Sister of Kouta Info
Kagome Higurashi is sister of Souta Higurashi Info
Mirai Senzaki is Sister of Shuuya Senzaki Info
Alice is Sister of Marina Info
Marina is Sister of Alice Info
Tsukino Miyazawa is sister of Kano Miyazawa Info
Tsukino Miyazawa is sister of Yukino Miyazawa Info
Kano Miyazawa is sister of Yukino Miyazawa Info
Kano Miyazawa is sister of Tsukino Miyazawa Info
Yukino Miyazawa is sister of Kano Miyazawa Info
Yukino Miyazawa is sister of Tsukino Miyazawa Info
Lillith Zaberisk is Sister of Count Georik Zaberisk Info
Mitsuki Mashiba is Sister of Youhei Mashiba Info
Madoka_Kaname is Sister of Tatsuya Kaname Info


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Marcel Mitsugu Yesterday 08:33 pm

K--Ku--- Klown?!

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Date A Live ANIMazer Mar 23, 2015

Oh, sorry, let me correct myself a little.
Ofcourse I meant removing the "yandere" tag from Kurumi´s profile, not her traits because that is something totally different lol.

As for the anime it is indeed a very entertaining show (I watched it three times, I haven´t read the light novel though)
And I agree, that protag definitely has a hard time making up his mind considering the girls in the series.
It´s a little bit annoying but yet amusing in a way, because he seems to need a lot of help to make any progress with them lol.
Meh, this anime would not be one of my favorites if the story was like those common "let´s make an anime of a H/Visual Novel game". (even though there is plenty of good ones in that category too)


5 5 Star Hell Girl 01:06 am / 01:06 am by Mitsugu Review length: Long

Who's This Character Board v2

01:25 pm
What hentai is this? thanks NSFW (18+) View #16935
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12:38 pm
Who is this? View #16934
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11:58 am
Does anyone know who this character is and where this is taken from? If so, would you mind telling me? It would be greatly appreciated :) View #16933
[ Replies: 1]
11:30 am
Who is this? I just got some keychains of this cute anime character and this is the only picture I can find that is clearly her. One braid and she wears a school uniform. Any help would be appreciated. View #16932
[ Replies: 1]
11:14 am
What hentai is this? thanks NSFW (18+) View #16931
[ Replies: 1]

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02:08 pm
<Mitsugu> hey what ever helps you get where you're going.
I see nothing...

02:04 pm
<Shinigami_55> God This aitocorrect

02:03 pm
<Shinigami_55> 2 years of riding for free. Still do it in a part of the line of a specific bus

02:01 pm
<Mitsugu> Ah I see, you learn well grasshopper!

02:00 pm
<Shinigami_55> Here it does, if you don't get caught


Mar 24, 2015
<Mitsugu> Well Punkhazzard... that would be great if you had sale prices, or more reasonable ones.

Mar 22, 2015
<PunkHazard> Card Sale! 13x31 you have inspired me... It's time i had a spring clean, so i'm selling loads of cards super-cheap today, and i'll add more over next few days.

Mar 20, 2015
<13x31> 13's Card Retirement Sale! All cards 13 sapphires and 31 rubies! Get them now before they poof!

Mar 20, 2015
<mukeispirit> I can't add any info no matter what. HELP ME!

Mar 17, 2015
<Rei> Thanks! I'm glad you like it, and that's really cool what you're doing to help those kids.

Mar 16, 2015
<ANIMazer> Cool! I like that new age option. That was a nice idea. I picked "Changing the World" because I´m currently working with kids with special needs. I wanna help them and learn out as much as I can so they may have a bright future eventually. So, nice job Rei!

Mar 13, 2015
<Rei> I've replaced the Age option on profiles with something a little more fun ~

Age / Where are you in life

With options like :

Middle School
High School
In Transition
FREE !!!
Changing the World
Having Fun
Coping with Life
Watching Anime in a Hole

Mar 9, 2015
<Ryuushima> ye really looking forward to the expansion, new profession/class the Revenant, loads of subclasses including druid and finally guildhalls xD

Mar 9, 2015
<Rei> Plus it's one of those buy once, play forever games.

Expansion must be coming out soon then ... they might discount it again in a bundle with it

Mar 9, 2015
<Ryuushima> Guild Wars 2 is on a serious sale atm, it could end any moment but instead of 40 euro/dollar its now 10 euro/dollar. ( 15 euro/dollar for collectors edition ). I highly recommend this game to anyone that is searching for a nice mmo.

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