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  • Image of Erza Scarlet
  • Image of Rias Gremory
  • Image of Yoko Littner
  • Image of Grell Sutcliff
  • Image of Flame Haze Shana
  • Image of Kushina Uzumaki
  • Image of Erza Knightwalker
  • Image of Himura Kenshin
  • Image of Lisara Restall
  • Image of Flare Corona
  • Image of Kirche Augusta Frederica von Anhalt Zerbst
  • Image of Risty
  • Image of Tayuya
  • Image of Shura Kirigakure
  • Image of Kuuko
  • Image of Mio Kifune
  • Image of Meg
  • Image of Emi Makinohara
  • Image of Ritsu Namine
  • Image of Rua
  • Image of Misuzu Kusakabe
  • Image of Margit Eberbach
  • Image of Ingrid Bernstein
  • Image of Mio Naruse
  • Image of Dita Liebely
  • Image of Cordelia
  • Image of Yurine Hayasaki
  • Image of Arnett McMillian
  • Image of Princess Caramel
  • Image of Ragsmuena
  • Image of Sayaka Ichinose
  • Image of Miu Yarai
  • Image of Mikoto Shiratori
  • Image of Tail Red
  • Image of Arashi Nikaidou
  • Image of Severa
  • Image of Felicita
  • Image of Loki Laevatein
  • Image of Kotori Shirakawa
  • Image of Yoshine Tokugawa
  • Image of Satsuki Ikaruga
  • Image of Rikka Kamo
  • Image of Suou Pavlichenko
  • Image of Lorelei
  • Image of Nobunaga Oda
  • Image of Tamaki Kousaka
  • Image of Haruki Sagae
  • Image of Misaki Kirishima
  • Image of Ganessa Roland
  • Image of Kaguya Nanbu
  • Image of Venis
  • Image of Sarah Finis Victoria
  • Image of Ran Curtis
  • Image of Sayane Tsukigase
  • Image of Nanaka Sakura
  • Image of Chris
  • Image of Oda Nobunaga
  • Image of Sora Izumi
  • Image of Yukariko Kazanin
  • Image of Corticarte Apa Lagranges
  • Image of Satella Harvenheit
  • Image of Freed Kisara
  • Image of Hong Meiling
  • Image of Chry Santhemum
  • Image of Haruka Tatsuki
  • Image of Renna Katase
  • Image of Nerthus
  • Image of Mito Jujo
  • Image of Kuina
  • Image of Momiji Satomura
  • Image of Makina Sakamaki
  • Image of Princess Tear
  • Image of Hikaru Shidou
  • Image of Akira Renbokoji
  • Image of Ran Shibuki
  • Image of Escalayer
  • Image of Sarah Agnis
  • Image of Saki Onoue
  • Image of Yukari Yamamoto
  • Image of Mayu Minami
  • Image of Agito
  • Image of Witchblade
  • Image of Satia Seyruun
  • Image of Mink
  • Image of Yoshinao Oniwa
  • Image of Gyl
  • Image of Misora Whitale
  • Image of Miu Inada
  • Image of Kanpei
  • Image of Viola Lancaster
  • Image of Balin
  • Image of Titania
  • Image of Sawanoguchi Hinata
  • Image of Miharu Shinonome
  • Image of Nami Kayama
  • Image of Huang Mingmei
  • Image of Shermie
  • Image of Ashera
  • Image of Itori
  • Image of Akari Nanagi
  • Image of Atori Minamoto
  • Image of Kiku Juon
  • Image of Aoko Aozaki
  • Image of Akari Himuro
  • Image of Saya Akabane
  • Image of Karen Lux Victoria
  • Image of Mizuki Takase
  • Image of Honoka Takasaki
  • Image of Airi Ban
  • Image of Luce Yami Asutarite
  • Image of Beatorise Tsubame Kazamino
  • Image of Luke fon Fabre
  • Image of Mizuho Kasugai
  • Image of Iras Grand Cross
  • Image of Akiha Vermilion
  • Image of Shiina Chuujou
  • Image of Ted Kasane
  • Image of Yuzuha Kiryuu
  • Image of Kuon
  • Image of Konomi Kuramochi

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Jan 18, 2017
<cutie> at least most of us

Jan 14, 2017
<Nanfenkoff> :3

Jan 13, 2017
<Corrah-Chan> I'm glad cx !! And you're welcome, I love this site!

Jan 13, 2017
<Rei> thanks for joining ! no need to be shy, we're a friendly group here

Jan 13, 2017
<Corrah-Chan> Aaaaa I've been waiting ages to join but I was shy ;v;

Jan 13, 2017
<Rei> Most members can add them as well. I've added links to make it easier to find.

Jan 13, 2017
<NuitTombee> I believe it's limited to moderators only.

Jan 12, 2017
<JimmyHero> How do I make and add my own relations?

Jan 12, 2017
<Rei> It's in the new menu under mini games ^^

We're still adding links. Anything missed, just let us know and it can be added.

Jan 12, 2017
<ShinyShinigami> Is there a link for The "Who is ?" game, or is it just going to be left behind?


0 pts   Jan 14, 2017
Rei: Angel to fall angel in one episode. Behold! The power of net games! XD
0 pts   Jan 13, 2017
Rei: On the Edit Character page, you can add relations. I've added links to help find it. Like: Relations | 0 | EDIT
0 pts   Jan 12, 2017
JimmyHero: How do people put relations?


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