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Look forward to September ! Aug 31, 2015 | Rei
Many updates will be coming in September.

As some may already know, every summer I take something of a forced vacation. The heat quite literally disables my ability to program.

But with the cool weather of Fall and Winter soon arriving, I'm gonna work my fingers to the bone coding every last idea I have for the site!

Guilds and Cards will be two areas of focus.

I want to allow Guilds to advertise on the site. Guild owners will be able to create ads, and moderators will choose which ones run.

Sizes allowed include :


As for cards, the idea is to make a card game. Seeing as there are limitless ways to make card games, you can expect many card games to spring up!

What I feel the most motivated to do is, make EVERY character on ACDB a NPC you can challenge to a card game. Win enough games, you unlock more characters you can challenge.

The difficulty will be set extremely high, so you have a 90% chance of losing.

I'll probably make yet another currency ... and have pretty strict caps and limitations on it.

Also, Cirno will be making some waves on the site with her projects this year! It's gonna be exciting !
Updates Aug 1, 2015 | Rei
New Search for Mobile

Cirno had this idea. I implemented it similar to Windows 8 tiles. Click your way through to complete a search. The only options are :

- Gender
- Cat Ears
- Hair Length
- Hair Color

After, you can scroll down and expand your search to include :

- Two Hair Colors
- Two Hair Lengths
- Two Eye Colors
- Age
- Cat Ears
- Gender
Updates Jul 20, 2015 | Rei
Quick Search


- Made Several Changes
- Mostly cleaning it up, and finishing off the HTML

Event Log


Started Grouping Events

Guild Coins

Every member gets 100 guild coins which they can use to invest in Guilds that can then use those coins to buy characters.

Anyone can create a Guild. But the more members, the more potential investors!

So far a little over 300 characters out of 74,000+ have been bought.

Here's some snapshots of the Guild Coin tool that await you !




Guild Image Uploading

- It is now possible to upload up to 5 images in one shot


Donations Update

- added likm and LiCobra's donations this year
Updates Jul 10, 2015 | Rei
A new Mobile Who Board is ready for testing.

Members can try another view for the Who baord . NSFW It attempts to load all images linked - use at your own risk.

Guild Coins

What are they?

Well you'll have to wait and find out. Like all new features, I'm sure most people wont care. But to the few that do, I hope you'll find them to be a lot of fun, and I hope you'll take part in leaving your Guild's mark all across ACDB
Updates Jun 29, 2015 | Rei

- Added an Options link to the first menu. From here you can modify the Image Filter


- Number of Episodes info is displayed when available
- Studio is now listed

Dev Server

- Experimenting with MariaDB on OpenBSD


- Every feature on ACDB now has a standard [Image] link
- Moderators will over time, write guides as needed
- If you want a feature to have a guide, just ask!

Series Quiz

- Now has a GIVE UP option in the event you can't solve
Numbers Jun 17, 2015 | Rei

We now have 3 people who have contributed more than 10,000 characters each to the site.

Our Top 10 contributors have all contributed more than 1000 characters each.

As of now today, we have 73,904 characters and 7120 series in the database.


We have 32124 members
And over a hundred log in each day


Google Analytics says we have about 340,000 monthly sessions on our HTTP site, and 150,000 monthly sessions on our HTTPS site.


We push about 1MB/sec constantly

Database Snapshot/Backup Size

About 1GB

Image Archive Size

Around 34GB

Character VS Matches Made

Over 3054

Who Board Questions Asked


Lounge Posts Made


Server Uptime

277 days
Updates Jun 6, 2015 | Rei
I'm experimenting with alternate presentations on :

Also, we have a new Quiz Game !

Series Quiz

Members can test their knowledge of characters from any series.

4 characters will be selected at random from that series. You with have to match a name to an image, or an image to a name.
Awesome Cosplay Update Jun 1, 2015 | Rei
Who have you Cosplayed?

Who have you seen Cosplayed?

Who would you like to Cosplay?

Members can now answer these questions with a simple click at the top of a Character's profile page.

- Have Votes

- Seen Votes

- Would like to Cosplay Votes

It's my hope this information will be useful for people seeking to identify cosplay's, as well as businesses interested in supplying wigs and costumes for the most popular cosplays. ^_^
Updates May 28, 2015 | Rei

I've added a ShareThis panel to the site. If you like ACDB, please share your favourite things here on the social network of your choice. We need your help taking ACDB to the next level!

Anime North

A huge welcome to everyone visiting the site after Anime North! We had a lot of fun, and did our best to drop off tons of promotional cards last weekend. ^_^


Nothing major yet.
Anime North May 20, 2015 | Rei
I'll be away from ACDB's head office from Wednesday May 20th to Wednesday May 27th, as we are going to Anime North !

Cirno, Phia, Phozz, Rei, and Manda will be at Anime North this year.

I hope it'll be a fun time. Cirno and I will be handing our promotional cards. I wonder how many people will be able to collect them all? XD


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10 10 Star Kamisama Kiss Feb 8, 2016 / Feb 8, 2016 by ilovepizza Review length: Short
ONE OF MY TOP FAVORITE!!! ~~ The anime is just superb I highly recommend this for those who love Shoujo/Romance/Comdedy/Fantasy/SuperNatural/Demons lover like me ♥
Awaiting for them to update the Season 3 (anime) ♥ its just because the Manga is still on going and I just can't wait !! I'm just waiting for their new release!!
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