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Updates Mar 3, 2015 | Rei

Many thanks to everyone who took part in the Survey!

Anyone who missed out is still welcome to add their thoughts to the forum discussion

Main Menu

The Main Menu has been greatly simplified. It should be much easier to find what you are looking for within a couple clicks.



Image Gallery Updates

- Most Popular is now Top 10 by Views
- Any Gallery can have images sorted by {

Sort by
File Name

- Collections are now sorted alphabetically
- Collections now show the most viewed image as a cover
- When viewing an image, the gallery name is linked in the frame top


We now have over 72,000 characters !


For Characters and Series there is now a predictive search feature.



When you hover over Erio, it'll say her name and source.


Character Images

- these can now be added to favorites
- browse to the image and click the Add to Favorites button at the top
- everyone's fav images
Survey Feb 24, 2015 | Rei

We'd like to hear from you! Please take a moment of your time to complete this short survey. I'd love to hear from everyone.

Mail to:

Or respond on forums :
Reply on Forum

1. What do you like most about ACDB ?

2. How do you access ACDB ? ( desktop, tablet, phone )

3. What do you do on ACDB ?

4. What would you like to see more of on ACDB ?

5. Your Thoughts / Ideas / Suggestions

Mail to:

Or respond on forums :
Reply on Forum
Updates Feb 22, 2015 | Rei

SS licenses are now available at Admin discretion
Mitsugu and Eiki-sama are the first to hold an SS License

Also, all chests have a 50% chance to contain a card. And 100% chance at certain times.

Due to the economy problems unlimited treasure hunting causes, some other limits have been put in place.

( #1 ) You can only have 10,000 cards. You'll get a warning that you are over encumbered, and need to sell some cards before you can claim more from treasure chests.

( #2 ) There is an effective cap of 150 pearls. The moment you go over 150 pearls, our system will automatically convert 100 into a pony.

100 Pearls = 1 [Image]


Added the Add to Favorites, Remove from Favorites buttons to the top of all character and source pages. So get adding.
Updates Feb 22, 2015 | Rei

The name search is now a predictive search.

Works for :
- Characters
- Anime and Games

modes only.

Example : [Image]


It's now possible to see the last 100 message any member has made. Simply click on their avatar, and select View Messages



You can set an interface language from the side menu.


This will persist across the site.


Added a new command called WHOIS. Use it as so :

/whois username
/whois rei

To see a list of channels any member is in, and the date they were last seen, and time of last message sent.


Tiwa is helping to add more French translations to the site. We're working on the Guilds Interface currently.
Help shape the future of ACDB! Feb 20, 2015 | Cirno
Hello beautiful people.

There are many of us in this community who wish to help out with ACDB. Unfortunately we're mostly non-social and/or awkward people. And there may or may not be some sort of idea out there that we need special skills, dedication, and a vast professional knowledge of programming to contribute.

Let me assure you, this is not the case! Except for dedication. that's always helpful.

Anyways, at the beginning of 2015 I had a dream. I had a vision of a new, improved ACDB. An ACDB 2.0. It is a vast project, one that can not be done by Rei or I alone. Together, I need people to help me where Rei and I have stumbled. I need people to help me with this huge endeavor.

One thing wich we lack is any organization. If you want to look at images, where do you go? if you want to look at treasure and cards, where do you go? if you want to search tags? tags is a mess! Rei, over the course of many years has built many amazing things. None of us can doubt that. But we need to work together to link these features together, to make pages that can be easily navigated, to make a website that makes sense. We do not want to intimidate people with something that is huge and hard to understand! This is Google vs Yahoo! We CAN have lots of great stuff, we CAN have a site that is easy to navigate and we can stick to our purpose.

I can not do it alone. Everyone who is not already contributing in their areas can help with this. If you want to shape the future of ACDB, join my lounge and we can discuss the details.
Cirno decides to ramble about random things Feb 18, 2015 | Cirno
For anyone who's been watching Absolute Duo, this character I do not get!


She's the exception , because her rifle-type blaze should not be possible. However she also seems to be an exception from every rule! She can not be punished for skipping class, she can break up a duo if she so desires. She just runs around doing anything she wants!

Maybe she's the daughter of a rich sponsor of the school? Cause she does have a helicopter and maid and stuff. I wonder who her duo was before she changed campuses? Perhaps more will be revealed about her privilege as the show progresses.
Updates Feb 16, 2015 | Rei
Phase 1 of the Control Panel Project is complete

Control Panel Project

First goal was adding every link to a category
Next phase will be better organizing and better labeling
Updates Feb 14, 2015 | Rei
Major Treasuring Hunting Change !

Treasure Hunting now requires a license ~

Currently, the licenses only affect the chests per day cap.
Expiration, and taxes are to be implemented later, if at all.

- Treasure
- Licensed Treasure Hunters

Banner Change

- Erio Touwa is our latest banner character
Previously it was Sailor Moon
Updates Feb 11, 2015 | Rei
Page Rank

- new tool that allows seeing the page rank of every character
Updates Feb 10, 2015 | Rei

- nice tile view for month selection
- Character Images when viewing a month


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Grimmjow Jaegerjaques Anonymous Oct 7, 2015

I really love this character!

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Ayakashi Anonymous May 28, 2015

un chico vive con la necesidad de en ciertas situaciones


3 3 Star Makura no Danshi Oct 3, 2015 / Oct 3, 2015 by AmaterasuWings Review length: Long
09:48 am
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