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Keep track of active Guilds via Activity Points .

As of January 29th, we have 23 member run guilds.

Some new features include
- Commenting on Images.
- Assigning custom Titles to guild members.
- Easier means of uploading a guild crest ( one click from Admin Area ).

Jan 29, 2014 Rei

Coming January 1st, 2014

ACDB Guilds

Back when I was at University studying Political Science and playing TES Oblivion and pondering ways to take ACDB to new levels of awesome - the idea hit me. What if I were to combine all the cool things I've observed in my life - the Mages Guild in TES, the United Nations, democracy, mmo battles, image sharing, discussions, voting, awards, competitions, individuality, leadership, membership and anything else imaginable into a framework of hierarchical organization. The answer that came to me was Guilds.

Every winter since 2010, I have dedicated significant effort to working on making this project a reality. Given the ambition, it takes a lot of work. Thousand of lines of code to have just the mere base. The full realization of all my ideas may well take 10's of thousands of lines of code.

Each winter I would make progress. And each winter I would fail to complete the project.

This time however, I have selected a few core features. Features that are simple, basic, easy to use. Features that are meaningful, useful and fun.

1) guilds
2) message boards
3) image gallery

These core features also expand into many sub features to make them more modern and useful.

Guilds are assigned to realms. Guilds have members and admins. You can create guilds, join guilds, leave guilds, disband guilds, promote members, demote members, make the guild public, make the guild private, invite members, kick out members, and edit the guild description.

Message boards are like a simplified forum. You can start new topics, post replies, preview posts, edit posts, delete posts, make a thread as a Sticky or Announcement type.

Image galleries are broken into collections. Each collection can have images uploaded to it. Each 50x50 image can be converted into a guild crest.

Anyways, this is only the beginning! Please create, join, and use guilds however you wish!

2014 is the Year of Guilds on ACDB. Please look forward to many new features in the months to come!

Dec 30, 2013 Rei

Several Updates to things related to Characters Uploads

Approved Characters
Moderation Log
EVent Log

Also when uploading characters, can now set "Ready for Moderation" when you are done indexing a character.

Dec 12, 2013 Rei

Studio Listing Improved


Now supports search / filtering.
Also when viewing a title , it will sort by release date.

Nov 30, 2013 Rei

Upload Character Updates

Quite a few updates and fixes today.

When Uploading Character

You can now comment on your character. And moderators can comment as well.

View More Comments

I've added view options for more of the comments. Click 3,4,5,11,12 to see what they are XD

Cards will now always show how many character are available for sale.

BBCode Changes

Anon members can now use a small subset of bbcode. No links, images, but, they can use font bbcode like *s*spoiler tag*/s* spoiler tag

Nov 16, 2013 Rei

Lounge Update

The main changes are for member's public lounges.

Added 2 new modes and 1 new script for channel owners and operators.

/mode +i allows an operator to set a channel invite only.
/invite shana is a new script that allows an operator to invite shana, or another member to their channel
/kick shana get out should remove a member forever from an invite only channel ...
/mode +s is a new mode that makes a channel secret ( it will not be listed on the channel list )
/mode -s removes the secret mode
/mode -i removes the invite only flag and allow people to join normally again

Once a channel has been marked secret, you should either have it bookmarked, or at least remember the name of your channel. You can join it by entering the name on the Channels page.

Nov 15, 2013 Rei

Comment System Update

I've made some improvements to the look and usability of the comment system.

Have a look!

The Edit and Delete links have been replaced by icons.
GoToTop and GoToBottom links have also been added to each post for easy navigation.
The Score indicator has been changed a little, and the start of the post follows immediately after it, instead of on the next line.

I've also fixed Preview / Update / Post to hopefully work as expected!

Comments can also be posted to Additional Images now.

Nov 5, 2013 Rei

Anime Planner

Anime Characters Database has an anime planner members can use to keep track of what they are watching.

Today I made a couple of improvements -

1) added a cover image to the left side
2) added Season info to the series name


Oct 30, 2013 Rei

Lounge Updates

Added some new ways to send messages.

1) press Insert on your keyboard to send
2) double click your username on the left side ( in green )

Also removed the ML static link, as the ML can be accessed already in 3 to 4 other ways.

And I am back from my first vacation since starting ACDB!

Went to Iceland and Western Canada for a 2 week vacation.

Iceland was amazing, and Toronto was the best time of my life. I'm all set to get to work this Winter taking ACDB to new heights!

Oct 27, 2013 Rei

September 2013 Updates

What's new on ACDB this month?

First up, reviews !

Members can now write reviews for anime they have watched. Though there are very few reviews currently, I have high hopes before the end of the year we'll have series with multiple reviews and can start presented aggregated review information on anime pages.

Next up, the lounge !

This one is a fairly big update. Members can now create their own lounges, aka lounge channels. Whoever creates it becomes the main admin in the room, and can do many things. I am developing the lounge on a path similar to IRC. Anyone familiar with mIRC / xchat / will notice a growing number of similarities.

Also, congratulations to Mitsugu, on his Level 8 Admin promotion!

Sep 25, 2013 Rei


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Zhuge Liang yidry

I thought it was a man, sorry

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Mainichi Shabutte Ii Desu ka? Anonymous

Mana es muy exagerada de senos que les pasan y para el colmo son juego no anime pongan anime

Jun 26, 2014


3 3 Star The World of Narue Jul 9, 2014 / Jul 9, 2014 by Mitsugu Review length: Long


pikachu25 asks

who do you like more?
the stongers characters in original beyblade series

Brooklyn Masefield

Tala Valkov

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