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Tone Rion Akikojam 03:49 pm

Oh, you're right. I was playing that game today and damn they are almost clones. This face definitely belongs to Cute and the outfit to Maron.

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Final Fantasy VII ANIMazer Jun 29, 2015

Final Fantasy VII is probably one of the best games I have ever played in my entire life.
It also has one of the most emotional and sadest scenes/moments I have ever seen in a videogame. (it made me cry, seriously)
Now I heard that there is a remake of Final Fantasy VII coming up for the Playstation 4 eventually, if I´m not mistaken. (I don´t know the release date yet though, but I hope it will be soon)
Hopefully, they haven´t changed the game story that much, because that would ruin the whole thing with this legendary game. I do know that the graphics and the music will have a much cooler and a much better improvement though.
Man, I just can´t wait for it to come out!


3 3 Star Mouse Jul 1, 2015 / Jul 1, 2015 by Mitsugu Review length: Long

Who's This Character Board v2

04:29 pm
source pls? View #18910
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04:27 pm
who is this? View #18909
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04:27 pm
who is this? View #18908
04:27 pm
who is this? View #18907
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04:26 pm
who is this? View #18906
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